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EssaysstartanewlifeEF_Team2 - Sep 19, 2006
Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state

Writing FeedbackougoahEF_Team2 - Sep 16, 2006
Some information about Ibesn

EssaysEileenEF_Team2 - Sep 16, 2006
My review on Henrick Ibsen's A Doll's House

Book Reportssmskamelsmskamel - Sep 13, 2006
MAJOR CONCERNS on T.S. Eliot's context revealed in The Love Song of J Alfred

Writing Feedbackougoahougoah - Sep 13, 2006
Christianity in Beowulf ; Is Beowulf is a Christian poem or not?

Writing FeedbackjeffspearsEF_Team2 - Sep 11, 2006
Metaphor; we are constantly hearing and using it in our daily lives

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
An Introduction to Figurative Language

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
What can people do to live a long life?

Writing FeedbackstartanewlifeEF_Team - Sep 2, 2006
Graduate Admission Projects: How to Beat the Odds

GraduateEF_Team -
Essay about: Nothing is more blind than sight without vision - help and ideas

Essayssanchit_vickyEF_Team4 - Aug 5, 2006
What to talk about (what I could learn from my classmate) UT admissions essay

EssaysenephsEF_Team4 - Aug 5, 2006
English is necessary to everyone; three important essay subjects

Undergraduatejanicejanice - Jul 29, 2006
Simile (figurative language)

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
Nothing is more blind than sight without vision

EssaysManeelEF_Team4 - Jul 17, 2006
Paper on computer programs and program development in businesses

EssayslfcoatsEF_Team4 - Jul 7, 2006
Scholarly Journals vs Academic Business Articles

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
The Enlightenment: Adolescence of Modern Western SOciety

Writing Feedbackitsud1021EF_Team4 - Jun 25, 2006
Brave New World; Can a "perfect" drug be used to acieve a stable society?

Writing FeedbackJoocyJoocy - Jun 5, 2006
Essay on: Bird flu -World point of view

EssayspinuEF_Team4 - May 22, 2006
Virtual Education: Student Perspectives on the Distance Learning

Writing FeedbackEF_Team -
Writing Better Papers - Time Management Strategies

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Writing FeedbackEF_Team -
The Right Way to Use Transitions

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
Essay Editing Checksheet

EssaysEF_Team -
Taking Classes Online is Not Good for Every Student...

Writing FeedbackEF_Team -
How to Prepare for the Dreaded Essay Exam

EssaysEF_Team -
4 Lazy Students: How to Write a Research Paper Without Doing Research?

Research PapersEF_Team -
What Is the Best Way of Taking Notes during Class?

Grammar, UsageEF_Team -
Can an Average Student Write a Successful Dissertation?

DissertationsEF_Team -