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Arthur Miller's The Crucible - essay

tiger13twin 7 / 20  
Jan 6, 2010   #1
I haven't finished yet, but I need some help on figuring out so far does the topic sentences go with the intro. If you can help me ASAP I will surely appreciate it. Thank You.

Analysis Essay: The Crucible

In the play the Crucible, Arthur Miller writes about the Salem witchcraft and the Red Scare. He writes about a group of girls who practiced witchcraft and how the girls denied it by blaming innocent people. On page 102, Miller writes about Proctor's shame for cheating on his wife. In this play, Miller uses tone, metaphor, and epiphany to develop his perspective, that sin brings shame and desperation removes pride.

The author uses tone when Proctor calls Abigail a "whore" because the audience can feel the anger that Proctor has towards her. Proctor begins to feel ashamed for lusting because he knows if he never "knew" Abigail, his wife would not be in jail. The audience can also feel Proctor's rage when he says; " She thinks to dance with me on my wife's grave!" Proctor knows that Abigail is trying to get rid of Elizabeth (Proctor's wife), so she can be with him. So now, he is starting to feel regret and shame because he knows he made a huge mistake. At this point Proctor is becoming desperate to let the court know that Abigail lied about accusing Elizabeth for practicing witchcraft. He is so desperate to save his wife that he is willing to let the court know of his lust with Abigail.

The author uses metaphor in the quote "... where my beasts are bedded", so his audience knows that Proctor was with Abigail in a sexual way. As Proctor says these remarks, he feels ashamed for being with a woman that was not his wife. Proctor was desperate to save his wife's life, so he knew he had to come clean and tell everyone why Abigail would call Elizabeth a witch. Miller uses the word bedded in this quote to refer to something that only happens in bed.

Miller uses epiphany to show Proctor's shame. For example, when Proctor says, "A man may think God sleeps, but God sees everything", he was referring to how people think God is not always paying attention to what they do but he sees everything. Miller uses the word "sleeps", to give the readers a sense of how people think God is not always paying attention to them when they commit a sin. Proctor feels ashamed for thinking God would not see what he was doing "in the proper place" because now he sees, what happens in the dark, comes to the light.

In this play, on page 102, Arthur Miller presents how Proctor's sin brought him shame and his desperation for saving his wife removed his pride.
meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Jan 6, 2010   #2
my first concern: what is the topic/prompt?
you say Miller tells...writes...writes...uses...uses...uses... :X

He writes about a group of girls who practice witchcraft and denies it by starting to blame innocent people.

Here it sounds like "He [Miller] writes ...and denies..." Make sure the parallel is between the correct subjects.
That interjection about page 102...is that crucial to the essay?
I believe you can combine that sentence about tone/metaphors/epiphanies with a previous sentence. by metaphor, do you mean allegory? it this was the thesis sentence, the ending half of the sentence is confusing. you have a chain of three verbs that I'm not sure what you mean.

to develop his perspective to present

would be sufficient, yes?
About topic sentences, what I do is either a transition or a short overarching analysis that you will prove in that paragraph: main idea/evidence/analysis/transition...repeat...

about incorporating tone into a play, I don't think one word succinctly explains the tone of their relationship. maybe the fact that this was a Puritan village and such words were condemned and it shows Proctor's feelings toward Abi...that can come in the center of that para...but make a more general topic sentence, then narrow down with evidence, and make it sufficiently analyzed so that you prove how Miller uses these techniques to show that perspective about truth and deceit.

That's a lot to talk about in the intro, but I'm guessing the prompt is something~ Evaluate how the author uses tone/metaphors/epiphany to develop his perspective on sins and truth.? <Random guess.
OP tiger13twin 7 / 20  
Jan 8, 2010   #3
I made some corrections and added a lot more info.Here is my rough draft of my essay. It's an analysis essay on the crucible on page 110 at a site;just type in your browser, The Crucible: a play in four acts.Please give me any input to improve my essay, I will greatly appreciate it thank you.
chuncky13 8 / 13  
Jan 8, 2010   #4
yes, i agree with mrlaugheveryday arent the girls witnessed dancing which led to the accusations

" he feels ashamed for being with a woman thatwho was not his wife"
OP tiger13twin 7 / 20  
Jan 10, 2010   #5
I'm sorry for not being more specific on what i was told to do; but basically I am to write an analysis essay on a quote by Proctor in the play "The Crucible" you can find it on page 110 at a site;just type in your browser, The Crucible: a play in four acts. at the bottom where it says Proctor.
badromance 1 / 18  
Jan 11, 2010   #6
if you are writing the essay on a quote by Proctor, i think you should incorporate the quote in your introductory paragraph.

i think the quote you're analyzing is "A man may think God sleeps, but God sees everything" - Proctor.

i would put this quote in the introduction and state your thesis by saying.."Proctor is eventually punished for his infidelity. Arthur Miller thus shows that sin brings shame and desperation removes pride (your thesis)

this should all be in your introduction

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