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(the book Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand) - Need a Thesis Statement

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Jan 19, 2012   #1
Cyrano and Christian are two very different elements of "one man" from the book Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. The two men are better together as one because Cyrano has his ways with memorizing words, and Christian has all the looks any girl would want to have in a man. Yet, Christian has no knowledge with dealing with women, he gets very nervous and doesn't know what to say or do when it comes to a women. Roxane will now have the guy of her dreams without knowing that it is actually two people working together to be good enough for her standards.

Cyrano is a cocky, very smart, unattractive, cursed with a ridiculously long nose that makes him insecure. He is only confident when it comes to the feelings inside of his heart and keeps him from revealing his love for his cousin Roxane. Cyrano loves Roxane for who she is; not only her looks but her inner self. Cyrano writes a love letter to Roxane about how he really feels, but has Christian sign it so that it really looks like Christian wrote it, but really he didn't. Cyrano wish that Roxane knew that what she is reading was his true feelings for her, but feared that she would be repulsed by his ugliness.

Christian is also cocky, very attractive to women's eyes, but he is not confident in his ability to talk with women. Christian seems to love Roxane for the way that she looks on the outside, and doesn't necessarily care about her feelings on the inside, but only that she's beautiful, and everything that he has ever wanted. We can tell that Christian doesn't have his romantic way of words because within the text Christian only seems to know that telling a women that he loves her is all that needs to be said, but when it comes to Roxane, Christian doesn't know what to say and that he needs help to express his feelings. Help from one of his friends that is great at expressing his feelings, Cyrano. Christian says to Roxane "I love you so...very much" (118) This quote is perfect evidence that Christian cannot get this women for himself, it is clear that Cyrano is needed for him to keep the women of his dreams. The only thing that Christian knows how to say to Roxane, 'I love you' 'do you love me... say it' thinking that it is going to work without the help of Cyrano. Cyrano has a huge part in Christian's and Roxane's relationship. Without Cyrano's words; nothing would have gone any further than a 'Hello' with Christian and Roxane.

What more could a women want than a man to have a way with words? Christian struggles with words that will make Roxane happy. Cyrano helps him out so that he can have a chance to express her words and make her happy, so Cyrano stands under the balcony and whispers sentences to Christian then he recites them to Roxane, and she loves everything that he says to her. This is why Cyrano and Christian are better together as one man. They can both share the true love that they really have for this one woman.

Roxane doesn't truly know that Cyrano is in love with her, because Cyrano and Christian as a whole make a better man that if they were alone. She thinks that he is someone who she can vent to, and tell him how she really feels about Christian. When she talks about Christian and his letters, Cyrano takes it as if he's done a good job of expressing his feelings through someone else's signature. When Roxane says, "I always did love you! --- A hundred men against one - Well . . Adieu. We are great friends, are we not?" (77) Cyrano doesn't know what to say. Other than they are closer than she really thinks. But he wants to stay close to her because it's the women of his dreams, and knows that he is the best man for her. This quote fits this description because Roxane is blinded by the love that she thinks she has with Christian. She has no clue that Christian is given all of the words to say to her. She hasn't clearly figured out that Christian is playing it by ear while he listens to Cyrano telling him all the romantic words that he is going to have to say in order to make Roxane happy. Cyrano wants to tell her the truth but doesn't want to ruin any relationship that neither Christian nor that he has with Roxane. She seems so happily in love with Christian and he doesn't want that to go down the drain because now Christian and Cyrano and good friends, he rather keep it how it is.

With Cyrano and Christian working together to form this "one man" Cyrano expresses his feelings through paper and pen gives it to Christian, whom assumes that everything that Cyrano writes is "his" feelings towards Roxane to prove that Christian has a way with words. Handsome and charming at least Cyrano could tell Roxane his feelings through Christian is better than not having her in his life at all

Before Christian dies, Roxane realized that looks aren't everything and she tells Christian "-Less charming--ugly even-- I should still love you still." (188) she realizes that she would love him no matter what he looked like because, the man that speaks in his letters is all she needs. Cyrano never confesses to Roxane, even after Christian dies the truth of the love letter. Roxane never ends her relationship with Christian before he dies, because she still believes that the letters and all of the love were coming from Christian. This quote fits this part of writing because Roxane has come to reality and realized that her identity is a lot different when she truly realizes that inner beauty is sometimes more beautiful that the outside looks of someone. Words can sometimes be more effective than actions. When it comes to love, you can be in love with someone if they were the ugliest person on the planet, love changes anything about a person, mostly for the better.

After, Christian's death Roxane moves to a convent and for 14 years her cousin Cyrano visits her without fail of being late, every Saturday. Cyrano asks to read the last letter that Christian ever wrote to her. She wanted him to read it aloud, so he did. Soon enough it became dark outside and that's when Roxane realizes that he's the one who loved her for her, and nothing less. Cyrano was the one who won her heart the entire time.

Cyrano and Christian worked together to get the women of both of their dreams, and for them to do that they needed team work. They're better as one person because nobody would ever seem to want to look at Cyrano and think that he is the kind of guy that they would fall in love with. This brings Christian into the story, the delivery of Cyrano's feelings for the women who he loves, which also happens to also be the women that Christian loves. They together as on man opens many ways of expressing feelings even though they may not be direct, but the feelings are out there. They didn't think they had the confidence to get Roxane without help from either someone that had a way with words, or with someone who had all the looks anyone could ask for. Two seemed to have worked for both Cyrano and Christian; they both ended up expressing their feelings towards Roxane even though when the truth came out time wasn't spent together. Personality beats out looks, always.

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Jun 7, 2015   #2
Also, you asked for a thesis statement. You could put this sentence as a thesis in front of your first sentence of your essay:

The book Cyrano de Bergerac deals with the value of inner beauty and how helps a man more than his external appearances through the tale of Cyrano and Christian.

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