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Book review: Chapter 1 of Predictably Irrational

thuongnguyen259 1 / -  
Nov 19, 2021   #1

Chapter 1 of Predictably Irrational

In chapter 1 of the book, the book has generally explained how irrational work and how easy it was to predict it. This book was an amazing book with a clear appearance of problems right into the first chapter and I am enjoying it!

The author of this book was Dan Ariely. It was all about the unlogicness of a human being. The first chapter explains this in general by showing some examples and then explaining them.

One of the most obvious cases is when a person was going to a market to buy one of the best quality apples there. His expectation was very high at first, but then when he was at the market. He realized that all the apples left there were at a very bad quality. After a few searches he found out that there are some apples at the average quality and because it is the best apples there he bought it. However, looking at his expectations now, it is on average not as high as when he was at the start. This is because when he saw that these are the best apples there his logic satisfied that he got a pretty good deal but in reality it was just average quality apples.

After reading chapter 1, I quickly got excited to read the other chapter. I also realized that this book is not only for people who want to study about the human mind. But it is for all of us, with these basics I can apply into my job in the future. So optionaly I rated this book very high because I got hype now.

Chapter 2 of Predictably Irrational

One chapter at a time.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,876 4563  
Nov 20, 2021   #2
The first chapter needs to offer a solid representation of the book and its author. The first paragraph should discuss the author. Aside from his name, a summary of his authoritative background, based on the book coverletle (for hard copies) or About the Author (for e-copies). You know this information. The reader does not. The book report should offer a summary of the writer's background to helpestablish the validity of the book.

When discussing the illogical nature of man, do not forget to define what an illogical person is, along with character traits that accompany the person. A comparison with a logical person is permissible for a book report. The example presented shows a logical person's actions. These are not representative of an illogical action. Change it. The lessons learned from the chapter needs to have a more serious approach. Aa a college students the current tone lacks an academic point of view. It is too elementary due to its excitability.

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