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Essay-comparing 2 books The Book Thief and All Quiet on the Western Front-feedback

Prompt-Give a good overview of 3 different aspects or emotions of the two books with good support.
Notes-Please give me feedback on anything including spelling/grammar mistakes. This also has to be of high school standards. If I need any adjustments on wording, advice would be greatly appreciated.

In two very different wars, there are many similar aspects and emotions. Between the two books All Quiet on the Western Front and The Book Thief each one has taken place during a different war, but the characters have similar emotions and aspects between the two books. Death, fear, and caring about others are just a few of them. Just because two books are taken place in two different time periods, does not mean the characters will not have similar aspects and emotions.

With death comes sorrow and grief between family and friends of that one special person they lost. Paul Bäumer, from All Quiet on the Western Front, and Liesel Meminger, from The Book Thief, both experienced death of a family member or a friend. In the beginning of All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul lost one of his classmates, Franz Kemmerich, due to an infection on Kemmerich's leg, which had to be amputated. As Franz lay there dying, Paul was trying to do his best to console him. When asked by Kemmerich to send his watch back home, Paul knew he had given up. Paul thinks "It is no use any more. No one can console him. I am wretched with helplessness" (Remarque 30). Liesel experience a death of a person closer to her, her brother. Liesel was traveling with her mother and her brother to Munich where Liesel and her brother were supposed to be going to their foster parents. The death was caused do to a coughing spell, then there was silence, and on the floor lay her brother. He was laying on his side, looking at the floor. As the train stopped, Liesel and her mother brought the boy off and buried him in the snow. This is where Liesel found her first book, The Gravediggers Handbook. Throughout the rest of her life, Liesel would see her brother next to her and imagine him talking to her. The book also reminded Liesel of her brother.

The one emotion that is important for survival, to keep people from dying so easily, to stop people from doing the craziest things, that one emotion is fear. During war, everyone has the emotion of fear. It is natural survival technique that everyone has. Death is a common fear among people. Paul feared not being able to come out of the war alive. He also feared about his mom who was dying cancer and his friends and classmates who were in the war with him. Liesel had many fears throughout the book too. She feared for Max Vandenburg, a Jew who stayed in the Hubermann's basement, because if the Führer found out they were hiding a Jew, Max would be taken away for good with all the other Jews. Liesel also feared about losing her foster parents, because they have been such an influence on her. She even feared her neighbor, who would not move when the sirens went off, warning about an air raid. Liesel was brave when she stole the books and the food. She fought through her fear to do succeed in the task.

Caring about other people is an instinct almost everyone has. People fight for those they care about. People usually care about family and friends the most. Most will stand up for who they believe in. Paul fought for others. He made one vow, "to fight against the hatred that meaninglessly pits young men of the same generation but different uniforms against one another" (Remaque). He cared about his mother too and went back home to her bedside and talked to her and cared for her. Liesel cared about her foster family and Max. When Max was severely sick, Liesel would collect gifts for him and lay him on his bed side table. One time she wanted to give him clouds since they were beautiful, but since that was impossible she wrote down a description of the clouds and put that on his bed side table. When her foster father went into war, she would never stop thinking about him. Liesel and Paul were both very caring people who loved their friends and family deeply.

Each war has its similarities for emotions aspects, even if they are quite different. All Quiet on the Western Front took place during World War I, while The Book Thief took place in Germany with the Nazis during World War II. This shows no matter what war or time period people are from, there are still many similarities in emotions and aspects of the people and of the characters.

Just because two books are taken stories take place in two different time periods does not mean the characters will not have similar aspects and emotions.--- This is good, but I want you to add one more sentence after it. Add a thesis statement that tells the main message you want the reader to remember about your essay.

Use a pair of dashes:
The one emotion that is important for survival -- to keep people from dying so easily, to stop people from doing the craziest things -- is fear.

He also feared for about his mom who was...

I see that your main theme involves the emotions of "love" and "concern," so mention those words in the thesis sentence that you add to the end of the first paragraph. :-)
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