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Empathic writing of Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Scene 1

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Jun 15, 2012   #1
What has cursed me to perpetrate this evil deed? It was rage, the uncontrollable rage that had plagued me, prepare I could not endure the fiery substance of hate acrimoniously boiling in my veins, bloating it with ire! I could no longer handle it! The exasperation in my body was like an enraged wild beast! This fiend fed on the hate and sorrow that grew in my body, and grew heftier until it had enough strength to unleash itself! All these ghastly emotions stirred up by the ongoing conflict by the two families!

The day was hot, the atmosphere was heated, perhaps the brawl was enthused by the Verona heat? Tybalt was in the heat of argument with Mercutio, who was a conceited young lad, and with his provocative attitude, a fight was manifest. Maybe it was entirely my fault, for clearly he was displaying rancour towards me, but why? Why would Tybalt have adjudicated me as a "villain", for his decision was inequitable as I had never wronged him whatsoever! I could feel his anathema towards me; his fiery eyes gazed upon me in utter aversion as he grasped the stock of his rapier, provisioning to fight me. Of course, I could not quarrel with my cousin-in-law, I denied risking both our lives, as well as Juliet's heart! I indirectly hinted him that I loved him, for he was now a member as my family. He however, took this as an insult, perhaps my words were pronounced sarcastically?


(9th Grade level)

Any replies will be greatly appreciated!

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