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Expository writing: character analysis (To Kill a Mockingbird)

rachelchica 1 / -  
Oct 3, 2013   #1
Expository essay: Boo Radley
Boo Radley is the typical bad boy in a story, who has to be kept away from others so he won't hurt them. He's also considered an urban legend at Maycomb County. In the story, he stabbed his father's leg with a pair of scissors. After that day, the whole town realized that the Radley's house seems dead.

Boo Radley's bad behavior at Maycomb County is mentioned in the book, he used to drink whiskey and get drunk with the Cunningham's. "They rode the bus to Abbottsuille on Sundays... with the stump whole whiskey", because of that he was almost sent to prison but his father promised that if he wasn't sent to jail he will keep him all the time locked in the house.

In addition to what was said before, about Boo being an urban legend, its because all Maycomb town talks about him and his mysterious behavior. Mrs. Stephanie Crowd ford is one of the people in Maycomb who always talked about Boo and his family, because she was the one who said Boo stabbed his father's leg a pair of scissors before it was confirmed. Then she said about Boo being sent to jail but instead he was staying at home.

As well it is showed that Boo is mysterious because nobody knows why he left a package of chewing gum, a tarnished medal and a pocket watch with a chain of aluminum knife on a knot-hole of a tree.

Furthermore, in chapter seven shows that he stabbed his father's leg for no reason, but I think that was because he had been a long time in his house, and he was desperate or it could be a mental decease.

As has been noted that Boo is not a good boy and that all town talks about him and wonders why is he like that as he hurts his father's leg for no reason known. All these ideas only show that Arthur known better as Boo is one of the boys who are more known in Maycomb because he is a rebel and acts weird for no reason yet show on the book.
oscar cazares 2 / 4  
Oct 11, 2013   #2
stop using the contractions words because on your future you need to star using like do not, did not, and other words like that.

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