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the friendship between Bassanio and Antonio from The Merchant Of Venice

this is urgent it is for 2morrow plezz help.
The play The Merchant Of Venice, written by William Shakespeare explores many relationships. This essay would look at the friendship between Bassanio and Antonio. This essay would also show how each character's life is affected by their friendship. Antonio is a middle aged bachelor and merchant by trade who has his financial interest tied up in over seas shipments when the play begins. He is kind, generous, honest and confident. He is loved by all the christians who knew him and he is a great friend.

Bassanio is a young venation who tries to woo a young heiress Portia. In doing so he needs money so he went to his best friend Antonio.Bassanio' life is affected positively because he has a friend to rely on to help him out when he is in need. He knows that he could always count on Antonio to help him out financially. Antonio, however did not have any money at that point in time, so they went to Shylock.

Shylock is a jew and a momeyleander by profession.
In order to get the money Antonio would have to sign a bond/contract stating if he does not pay on time he would have to give up a pound of fleash.

thats all i have plezzz help

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