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Great Gatsby [Story, Lucy Help Essay]

zuzu 1 / -  
Jul 27, 2009   #1

Please i need help on writing an essay on Great Gatsby[ F.Scott Fitzgerald ].
How should i go about starting my essay.

Please help.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jul 27, 2009   #2
That all depends on what you are going to say in the body of the essay. What are you going to say in the body of the essay?

Or are you asking how to start the process of writing the essay? Brainstorm, free write, or map until you come up with a thesis. Brainstorm arguments and supporting evidence for that thesis. Organize your ideas into an outline. Use the outline as a guide as you write the essay. You may find it helpful to write your body paragraphs first and then go back to write your introduction and conclusion.
vip747 4 / 18  
Jul 27, 2009   #3
If you are searching for essay topic, there are many themes to write about.
However, you should write about something that you are interested in or something that you understand in the book.
Liebe 1 / 542 2  
Jul 28, 2009   #4
Man Great Gatsby is so rich in symbolism.
It all depends on what you think youll be confident on writing about.
You can pick up SOOOO many themes from this book, if you read it, study it, and analyze it.
A central theme of the Great Gatsby is the American Dream. Fitzgerald has included many symbols of the American Dream in the novel, and it depends on the reader to interpret what these symbols are, what they mean, and what they stand for.
kenziii 7 / 35  
Jul 28, 2009   #5
Themes and symbolism are all over in the Great Gatsby.
-light on the dock,
-the billboard with eyes,
-shallow upper class.

It goes on and on. If you don't have instructions to write about a certain part of the book, try looking at sparknotes.com for some ideas.
nancyroll1 2 / 3  
Aug 3, 2009   #6
A good point to acknowledge is to point out how self centered Daisy is, she has a daughter, and yet doesn't even focus on her at all in almost any parts of the book. In fact, she even said, "I hope she'll be a fool-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." Obviously this portrays herself some.

You should also point out how the weather changes depending on the tone throughout the story.
hawaii2010 2 / 14  
Aug 11, 2009   #7
Symbolism is key to understanding the novel. The symbols all tie to various characters and at time reveal more about those characters. I would use symbolism as the base of your essay.
summer1 - / 2  
Dec 15, 2011   #8
The Great Gatsby and The Story of Lucy Gault (compare/contract - how to start?)

I have to write an essay using The Great Gatsby and The Story of Lucy Gault. The assignment is to compare and contrast the ways that the authors handled one issue in both of the novels. I am having a hard time coming up with something because I really don't see any similarities between the two.

I would appreciate any ideas!
hs61 1 / 5  
Dec 15, 2011   #9
I have read Gatsby but not the other piece, try just writing down themes from each of them separately and see if you run across any similarities? Think of the characters, characters in both books have inner or external conflicts? Was there symbolism in both of the books?

Hope I helped!
PLEASE check out my essay!

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