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Iago, thesis for Othello?

Feb 25, 2010   #1
Okay I have to come up with a thesis statement for one of the three topics:

1. Shakespeare presents his audience with three very different women: Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca. Choose [one] and discuss what Shakespeare is attempting to accomplish through this character and explain what he is asserting about women in general.

2. Iago could be defined as a character with a malignant heart, or no heart at all. He seems to act with no motive other than the desire to cause others to suffer. Discuss how Iago is so successful at playing this role of "puppet master" and how he is able to manipulate the heart and mind of Othello.

3. In the play there seems to be an ongoing conflict between what characters seem to be initially and who they actually turn out to be at the play's end. Consider "Honest Iago," the "noble Moor," or the "fool Roderigo" and explain how this character is more than he appears to be by the end of the play.

My problem is coming up with a excellent and interesting thesis statement; I have a hard time doing this.

I'm more interested in using the second topic, but I don't know where to start. If anyone can help me, that would be great. Please!! I really need help

Feb 25, 2010   #2
If you intend to go in the direction of Iago, I would mention that his greatest strength lies in his ability to reflect and magnify emotion. Iago planted a seed in Othello by merely mentioning the idea of betrayal, then once Othello latched on, Iago stepped back and merely repeated Othello's musings until they overwhelmed him. Therefore, in doing very little Iago actually did quite a lot.
Feb 25, 2010   #3
Okay I agree with you one hundred percent, but its the thesis im having a hard time with.

This is what I have so far:

A remorseless and cruel man with a heart of stone manipulates good-natured minds to become as vile as a criminal's mind. Iago, the puppet master of all bad convicted these persuasive scandals in order to satisfy his evil deeds.

Would you consider this as a good thesis statement, if not can you help me?
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Feb 26, 2010   #4
Well number 2 will be easy to find examples for, because Iago is making manipulations in many scenes. But how do you write a god thesis statement?

Are you able to make any interesting observations about the play? All a thesis statement is is an interesting observation that not everyone would agree with. What controversial argument can you make? Could you argue that Iago "represents" a certain aspect of human nature? Could you argue that he is not actually a villain? Could you argue that he is suffering from a personality disorder such as bipolar personality disorder or psychopathy?

Your job is to add something new to the ongoing discussion of this play, which has been going on for many years.


Google this: thesis statement about iago

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