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The Jungle Sinclair - paper based on the book

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Oct 8, 2008   #1
Hi! I have to write a 6-7 page paper on if I think the book "the jungle" merits any criticism. I can't seem to expand on it further. I think it does merit criticism because the people, the animals and the racism involved was brought to light in the book but I can't seem to expand on it. HELP! PLEASE...

Publishers criticized sinclair's book and many didn't publish it due to the content, so the question asked is---Do you think there is any merit to this criticism? Sorry I misunderstood it. Surely I think publishers have a right but sinclair was only bringing out truths about reality. Now I can't expand further than this, HELP! Can you also help with grammer, this is what I've written so far. Thanks!

Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" is a novel created by a complex author and merits nothing less than respectable and noble admiration due to its vivid content and believable characters on their human suffering. It was a movement if you will, on the changes that needed to evolve sooner rather than later. It depicts a time in America that was without question horrifying for those that worked in Packingtown. Clearly there was injustice in that time directly impacting impoverished Lithuanian immigrant men, women and children. Many critics have disclosed their share of negative criticism and I believe it is simply due to the fact that they have utterly missed the point. Sinclair's "The Jungle" was the voice of the exploited working class and the novel exceeded his role as a socialist to bring forth the much needed change through his works of literature. I do not consider this novel to be in any way misleading, perhaps at times somewhat exaggerated but it depicts a time where reform was at the top of the agenda and eventually took its course of action thus leading us to The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. Sinclair was so moved by his investigations of the meat packing industry that he willingly financed with his own money the publication of this novel. For that he deserves outstanding merit for his work.

While the characters are fictitious, these horrific acts of inhumanity did in fact occur to many immigrant workers in the meat packing industry. Many lost their lives due to the deplorable state of the factories and lack of safety standards that were not on anyone's agenda. "It seemed that he was working in the room where the men prepared the beef for canning, and the beef had lain in vats full of chemicals, and men with great forks speared it out and dumped it into trucks, to be taken to the canning- room. When they had speared out all they could reach, they emptied the vat on the floor, and then with shovels scraped up the balance and dumped it into the truck; this floor was filthy with manure tracked in from the streets, and with spit, and the accumulated dirt of years..." (p. 52). Despondently this was the callous realism that came with industrialization, capitalism and a system unwilling to lend mercy. The conditions of the environment in which workers are expected to perform their duties are beyond ones comprehension. Plainly put, they are horrifying. They undergo extremes in cold weather, heat exhaustion, overtiredness, and disease. Yet the people are appreciative to be employed because otherwise they will starve and die.

Furthermore, "The Jungle" is a moving novel that is hard to identify, unless you have been directly impacted by some form. It can heave on politically, however, it by and large allows the reader to step aside from all of this and see the great impact it caused. It changed our lives forever and is a great piece of American history. It helped bring about reform for the meat packing industry that would otherwise have continued killing people with the diseased meat that was processed there. While reading the book I often asked myself, why didn't anyone take action sooner? Capitalism was created and not parted at the expense of human beings that were treated just as the slaughter in "The Jungle" only slightly different.

The personal hardships along with economic struggles, the characters are exposed to, mainly Jurgis are with out any consideration and leaves no room for optimism on a brighter tomorrow. There are no plans for the future. Jurgis strives to achieve the best he can and the best he can is not ever adequate. He endures a distressing life filled with deceitfulness, drug abuse, and transgression to name a few. Jurgis' moral principles are challenged time and time again. "BUT A big man cannot stay drunk very long on three dollars. That was Sunday morning, and Monday night Jurgis came home, sober and sick, realizing that he had spent every cent the family owned, and had not bought a single instant's forgetfulness with it"(p.175). The fundamental values of family and hard work are in strain and lack in providing social advancement for Jurgis. They serve no straightforward purpose thus he goes faltering through out his life. At home he struggles with his faith, family bonds and heritage. His Christian faith offered very little in times of despair and does nothing in terms of hope for Jurgis.
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Oct 10, 2008   #2
I was asked all these questions and just continue writting without clearly addressing each question. I can't seem to put it all together to form one cohesive essay. PLEASE HELP! Any ideas?

What were conditions like in the meat packing industry according to Sinclair? How did the workers cope with difficulties at home and at work?
Were these problems reflective of the nation as a whole or specific to the meat packing industry?
Efects both+/- the book had on working class?
Do I think the conditions still exist or have been eradicated by american society?
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Oct 10, 2008   #3
Good evening.

Because this essay deals with specific material that you and your classmates have exclusive access to I will only be able to edit for grammar and mechanics. As research for this topic would fall out of the scope of my free services, I am not familiar with either of the texts you are using for this class, so if you need further assistance with the content, I suggest you contact paid academic writing services, or alternatively, your instructor, fellow classmates, academic advisor, or media center specialist, as they can connect you with research resources available only through your institution.

Use your text to your advantage; all of these answers are in the text. Look into study guides for this piece for other points of view as well; they can give a fresh perspective that could help you.

Good luck!

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