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Kate Chopin theme essay, the story of an hour multiples themes (introduction?)

i am trying to construct a story bykate chopin the story of an hour multiples themes in show it in her story i need a little help starting it in my introduction my themes are domination fredom and independent

what you want is not very clear. Please elaborate what you really want. You want to construct your own story on the themes domination, freedom and independence? or you want something else? what is multiples themes? Please be clear.
I hope you can really ENJOY writing about this great story. The trick is to make sure you are expressing YOUR original idea about domination, freedom, and independence.

What is YOUR idea. As you read the story, you will develop your own idea. When the idea comes to mind, type some sentences about it, and then type some sentences about the part of the story that made you think of it.

Enjoy the reading and the typing! Keep it very simple. You want to write about these concepts, so use the story as your source of inspiration and ideas.
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