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Macbeth by William Shakespeare successfully illustrates a variety of themes about human nature

Bcccone 1 / -  
Aug 24, 2014   #1
Just need help with the introduction, and my conclusion.

Also, need some assistance with the opening sentence of my paragraphs!

Everything would be appreciated :)

Here is my introduction:

Although written centuries ago, the historic drama Macbeth by William Shakespeare successfully illustrates a variety of themes about human nature, the most significant of which, the lust for power, is emphasised greatly throughout the entire play. The protagonist of the play, Macbeth, is initially a loyal servant of King Duncan, and at the time holds no desires for anything more. However, once the highly acclaimed position of Thane of Cawdor is given to Macbeth, Shakespeare begins to subtly display how Macbeth was predestined for power. Moreover, while Shakespeare attempts to draw sympathy for Macbeth due to his indecisiveness and ability to be easily influenced, it is apparent that Macbeth's violent ascension to the throne was solely a result of a his own persona-the relentless craving of power. Firstly, Macbeth's confrontation with the three weird sisters was prior to him knowing of becoming Thane of Cawdor, and as such, it did not have a profound effect on him at the time in comparison to when he found out from nobleman Ross. Further to this, while Lady Macbeth insisted on murdering King Duncan, it was Macbeth's own aspiration to attain the position of absolute power that played the crucial role in the assassination of the King. Finally, the battle at the end of the play depicts how Macbeth, although swollen with confidence from the predictions of the witches, whole-heartedly believes he can defeat Malcolm and his army.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Aug 24, 2014   #2
the lust for power,

Okay, so this is the central idea of your essay, right? If you need an introduction and the conclusion developed, it means that you need your main idea developed. So, what is your unique idea about the theme of 'lust for power' used by Shakespeare? To write a great essay, you have to have a great idea. Is not a mechanical process of improving one part and then another part; you actually have to have an idea worth mentioning before you can try to express it in an eloquent essay.

When you do have a great, unique idea, it sometimes becomes very easy to structure your introduction in your conclusion in a good way. The goal is always to help people share and understand the idea that motivated you to write in the first place. So, now, you have done this much work and the concepts are fresh in your mind. I wonder what you will find when you review it again and ask yourself about the main idea that is worth writing about. Your own mind produces important ideas in response to the way Shakespeare portrays the corrupting influence of power, and it is your own reaction to this, based on your own knowledge and experiences, that will make your essay great.

Figure out your own main idea, and write a few sentences about it for the introduction paragraph in the conclusion paragraph. At this point in your process, it is probably best to use the introduction and the conclusion to explain your main idea in two different ways to help the reader understand.


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