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Of Mice and Men------George Milton - Character analysis essay

Hi, I'm a 10th grade student. I really want to improve my essay writing skill.
This is my homework assignment. Please point all the grammar and literature errors so i can know what's the problem is. Thank you!

Of Mice and Men------George Milton
George Milton, from John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men is a vital character in the novel. He is accompanied by Lennie Small who is mentally disabled but physical strong men during the Great Depression. They travel together for reach the American dream of "having their own homestead". George Milton is a quick-witted man who is Lennie's guardian, best friend and protector. He represents a responsible common man who takes care of another common man that has disabled with living life and reaches their dream together.

To start with, Lennie always get into trouble because he likes to tend soft things and as a mentally disabled he couldn't control himself. After then, George automatically became the mess cleaner. At the beginning of the book, they were rove in a strange brush because Lennie's eccentricity just causes a bad thing and compel them to travel around and find a new job. George was complaining "I can live so much easier without you." George said this frequently even though he will never leave Lennie because his responsibility and loyalty to friendship.

After the beginning, they find a ranch job near Soledad. And met an old men name Candy who decided subsidize their homestead dream. Everything seems getting better until Lennie had done another bad thing which leads them to the bottom of ravine and crush their dream completely. He killed the Curley's wife by an accident. Curley is a young, pugnacious man who is boss' son. Lennie had collision with Curley before. George knows Curley's revenge will suffer Lennie to death. So he made his choice. He found Lennie in a place they arrange before. He consoled the frighten Lennie. He started to tell him about their dream "...We gonna get a little place...We will have a cow... And we'll have maybe a pig an' chickens, rabbits... " Underwent the great conflict inside George, he took out the gun and shoot right back of Lennie's head while he was immersing his visual imagery. Lennie died immediately in happiness and painless.

George's murder of Lennie is a renunciation of his own dream. Because Lennie is the only person he wants to achieve the dream together. Lost Lennie also lost his only hope. It's an unwillingly decision to make. But he had to. He certainly doesn't want Lennie to suffer at Curley's hand. And he also doesn't want Lennie to harm anybody. This is the best way for Lennie and everyone's safety. He killed Lennie out of love.

In conclusion, George Milton is a responsible common man with a dream. His loyal friendship and responsibility with Lennie helps him to sustain his dream of a better future. But sadly, it ends with the death of Lennie.

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George Milton from John... (no need for a comma)

physicaLLY strong MAN during...

They travel together TO reach...

man that has disabled with living life and reaches their dream -- do you mean a man that has been living life disabled and reach their dream?

Remember to cite any quotes from the book

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