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Oedipus Rex & Antigone- essay *need help with thesis*

jackieinabox88 1 / -  
Jan 1, 2009   #1

the assignment on Oedipus and Creon

hey guys im a new user. for my assignment i'm suppose to discuss the degree to which these words relate to both Oedipus and Creon.

"where wisdom is, there happiness will crown
A piety that nothing will corrode.
but high and mighty words and ways
are flogged to humbleness, till age,
beaten to its knees, at last is wise."

im really lost!! i dont know how to state my thesis when im given a prompt like this.. like i understand the passage given, but i just dnot know how to start.. PLEASE HELP ME OUT! THANKS!
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jan 2, 2009   #2
The core of this passage relates to the concept of hubris. Namely, too much pride is bad. The words apply to Oedipus in Oedipus Rex because he insists on ferreting out the truth, even when everyone keeps telling him that doing so is a bad idea, until at last he discovers that he is guilty of patricide and incest, and blinds himself in a fit of despair and madness. the words apply to Creon in Antigone because he insists on not granting his slain foe a proper burial, which eventually results in his losing his immediate family to various forms of suicide.
psitutor - / 16  
Jan 10, 2009   #3
I would google the names and read reviews of how others interpret the text. As I read I would cut and paste my notes directly to a Word doc, and make the font "purple". I would (cite, date) as I went along, also pasting the reference onto a reference list.

How many words is the paper?

You will want an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Intro and conclusion would be roughly the same length (e.g., 1 page each for a 5-8 page essay).

Now that my info is placed where I think it best goes in the essay I re-wrtie what is in purple font and cite and date where necessary. Whilst re-writing I am thinking about theories/models brought up in lectures/tutes and choose at least one of these to justify my conclusions.

Let me know how you go, or if I cna help out more~ Char
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 11, 2009   #4
Great advice here. Now do you understand what to say for your thesis? If you have read the plays, you can understand how much this applies to Oedipus and Creon. If you do not have an opinion, you can't really fake it, but if you think deeply about these words and quote them in your essay, you can use them to help you really understand Oedipus and Creon. When you actually have an opinion, the writing is easy. There is nothing that others can write that you can't write. Once you understand how to relate to literature and discuss themes, make arguments (thesis), etc, it becomes easy and enjoyable.
soccer1851 - / 1  
Apr 8, 2014   #5
Oedipus Thesis / topic suggestions

so i need to make up a thesis about oudipus the king. ive read it and its really good. so what my teacher wants is a thesis that tries to prove something thats not obvious. so something like " Oedipus is arrogant because he is ..." but instead she wants a one line thesis that's connects to one of the themes in the play. Any help would be appreciated. i wish i could think of one but every single one i show her, she thinks is a level 2. i need a level 4
Naveed786 8 / 21 4  
Apr 10, 2014   #6
First of all, I would suggest that you draw a sketch with all possible ideas which you can associated with the prompt.

I have not idea about the details of play so can't suggest on it.

Secondly, I would like to mention a thesis structure, this would help you to put your thoughts in a proper structure. Below mentioned is the University of Canturbury suggested thesis structure.

1. Title page with the following information
2. Table of Contents
3. Acknowledgements
4. Abstract : This should be a succinct summary of the thesis. It should provide a synopsis of the thesis and state clearly the nature and scope of the work undertaken and of the contribution made to the knowledge of the subject treated. Include a brief statement of the method of investigation where appropriate, an outline of the major divisions or principal arguments of the work, and a summary of any conclusions reached.

5. Abbreviations/Glossary
kenzwestbrook - / 1  
Mar 8, 2018   #7

Sophocles' play and today's world. Essay on Hubris in Oedipus Rex and Antigone, thesis help??

Hello! I am editing my argumentative essay for my 10th grade honors English paper, and I need help with my thesis. In class, we have been talking about going away from the formulaic "3-prong" thesis statement, which is what I've done. I'm having trouble converting it into a creative, non-formulaic sentence. Her's what I have so far:

the human condition of Hubris

"In Sophocles' plays Oedipus Rex and Antigone, the perpetual human condition of Hubris is illustrated; and a look into modern America brings the demise of highly influential celebrities like Kanye West, widely adored actors like Robin Williams, and even powerful world leaders like Kim Jong Un into light."

My paper is due tomorrow, sorry for the short notice:/

Thanks so much to anyone who helps me!:)

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