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"the pearl" by john steinbeck and i need help starting a thesis statement

The essay is about the pearl by john steinbeck and is about conflict

The Pearl of Conflict essay

The Pearl is a novella written by John Steinbeck. The pearl is supposed to be the best thing in the world until disaster strikes. After Kino the main character finds this pearl he has to decide what to do with it. He sets many dreams that he wants to happen for his family and himself to help them through their lives, because they are poor. The Pearl contains conflicts that Kino and his family have to face. When things go from bad to worst, Kino has a lot of man vs man as well man vs nature and even man vs himself. Kino is confused and out raged because of the problems that him and his family have to go through and he has no clue what to do; the only thing he knows is that he will not give up the pearl.

Kino has to fight off many people in man vs. man, who were after him for his pearl. Kino had man vs. man conflicts with his own people when doctor did not want to help Kino's son after he been bitten by the scorpion. After the doctor finds out that Kino has found a pearl, he decides that he will go and check on Coyotito and could use The pearl to get his money. When the doctor get to Kino's home Kino is cautions and does not want the doctor to see the baby because he is doing better, the doctor says that he could be doing find but later die, using this as a excuse Kino lets the doctor examine his son. When the doctor returns he sees that his poison is setting in and Coyotito is starting to get worst again. The doctor heals the baby so he can have Kino to pay him for harming his son with out Kino's knowing. The people of Kino tribe think he is changing because of the pearl, and they don't want to be around him; The people of Kino's tribe start to say what they would do if they had the pearl that Kino is not doing, they talk about how he is not helping his people. The people of the town change on Kino because they want the pearl so they can have the money for them to benefit from. The pearl buyers try to trick Kino and try saying that his pearl is worth nothing when they know it is worth a lot. So all the pearl buyers get together and say certain things to Kino trying to make him sell for a lower price then the pearl is worth.

Kino face the society when he finds the pearl and in the begin because he is poor with his family and he finds this pearl and wants to take the pearl to get money for him and his family so he and his family can have hopes and dreams. He believes that the pearl will do everything for him because it was fate that he found it for his son. Kino believes that the pearl was giving to him from the gods to help save Coyotito's life. The doctor is a stuck up greedy old man that only helps people if they are rich and have money to pay him. There is even a time where Kino has so much rage after finding the pearl that he lets it consume him, that he hits and kicks his wife Juana for trying to tell him to throw it back into the ocean because she feels it is only evil.

The man vs nature Kino faces happens when the scorpion bites Coyotito and he becomes sick and almost dies, Kino tries to do anything to save his son. When his human nature comes into effect and tries to do what he can to help himself and his family. He finds the pearl and greed take over him and has conflicts with everyone and everything including himself. The gods that gave him the pearl turned on him because he is using the pearl for other things then what he was giving the pearl for. After helping his son he is using the pearl for the purposes for improving is and his family's life because Kino wants to sell the pearl for money.

Kino has major conflicts within himself on what he needs to do and has to do. He is unsure if he should throw the pearl back into the ocean where it has came from or keep it to sell it to gain money for the wrong reason and not the reason he was giving the pearl for. Kino has some conflicts when the doctor comes to see if the baby is ok and Kino does not want to let him in because he is doing a lot better but he wants to make sure that his son is ok, so despite his judgment he lets the doctor in the hut and to tend to the baby. After being chased by the trackers he is deciding if he wants to give his body up and turn himself over to the tracker and just let it be over to try to save his family.

In the end Kino decides the pearl is not worth holding because of all that he has lost and went through became of him and pearl. So he throws the pearl in the ocean where it came from. The conflicts that Kino faces is man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. himself. The conflicts that Kino faces take a toll on him and his family as he takes on man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. himself.

Dear Jeremy,

I have never read the novel but please is it novella, check your first statement. I think your thesis is rather diffuse and you need to put it together. Mention once the conflicts and move on to elaborate one by one in different paragraphs. Make sure you do not say too much as you need to raise very objective points only! You have to check much of your grammar, i have listed just a few of very common errors below. Jeremy this is not to disappoint your but to encourage you, try to sift your ideas an come out with something more colourful.

When things go from bad to worst,... bad to worse

man vs man as well man vs nature and even man vs himself vs....versus is more accepted formally

because of the problems that him.... (he) and his family have to go through

Kino's home Kino is cautions and cautions...cautious

then the pearl is worth

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