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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost-Literary Device Poem Analysis Essay

Nov 17, 2013   #1
Hi. I have a huge poem analysis essay due in Wednesday, and I just needed help to make sure it's the best it can be so I can get a good grade! If you can help it would be much appreciated(: For my essay I have to write an essay in which I analyze how the poet uses literary techniques and devices the establish meaning in the piece. I needed some help on the second and fourth paragraph because I know I had to elaborate on that, but was quite sure how to, to make it a well written paragraph.

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost
There comes a time every single day that we, as humans, are forced to make a decision. What is decided may more or less be based off beliefs, priorities, mood, and so on. Decisions and actions are what shape the future, so being careful is a key quality when deciding the next step of life, as it may be known that sometimes, decisions can be a regretful experience. This relates to "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost because he is in the exact same situation, of deciding which "road" will lead him to success or a life of possibly regret and dismay. The use of metaphors, archetypes, and imagery were used throughout, to give the poem a meaning of not letting what others do and their choices affecting how you live life.

Frost uses metaphors to show how his decision impacted his life and future. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," is a deep seated metaphor for our lifeline, its crises, and decisions. (Spark Notes, 2) The roads are our options, and unfortunately there is no way to know how each road will direct our life in the future. Although, this poem isn't directly applied for whom ever is reading it, it almost puts life in perspective because, it gets the reader thinking about how the choices that they make will affect them either negatively or positively. That is exactly how meaning is applied through the use of metaphors. ELABORATE ON THIS

Imagery is a second literary device used to portray meaning in this poem. It illustrates the importance of the decision that will be made. Sometimes it's hard deciding what will lead us to the road of success. There are so many factors that could easily lead us to a regretful life. When Frost says "I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged in a wood and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference," it helps create a picture in our mind of the author, possibly old and thinking back on life, and how the road he took led to a life that may have been better if he took the other road. It also helps the reader think of how that could be them, and how he or she should really only make a decision that he or she strongly believe will create a blissful future for them. Imagery establishes meaning by helping the reader see that the road they take can

Archetypes were one last literary device that helped to create a meaningful poem. The one word that stood out to me personally was difference. "There is nothing in the poem that suggests that this difference indicates a positive outcome" (Grimes, 2006). Many times this poem comes across as an inspirational reading, and although it could be read that way, some of the diction used, can create a deceitful meaning. Elaborate more.

In "The Road Not Taken" Frost allows the reader to see how the choices he made impacted the life he ended up living. The use of the imagery, metaphors, and archetype, helped to create a picture in our mind of going down that one road made all the difference. Although, there will never be an exact answer how to life can end up, it's best to take the road that will feel like the best choice. Although at the moment, we may not know where this road will take us, it's an experience that can be learned from the next time there's another fork in the road. Don't do down the road that everyone goes down. Be unique and choose your own path. Who knows, it could be the path of success.
Nov 20, 2013   #2
Hi there, just a few things that you could cut or change:

You don't need "we, as humans" you can just say "we" or "everyone"

Change "decisions can be a regretful experience" to "bad decisions can lead to regrets."

Begin the last sentence in the paragraph with "Metaphors, archetypes, and..." (keep the rest)

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