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Thesis for Paradise Lost - original thesis needed

Jul 29, 2010   #1
I am stuck on trying to come up with a thesis for a paper that needs to be 9-14 pages long on Paradise lost, I need a thesis to start the ones that i have came across are all so similar to what everyone else is doing. Any suggestions?? Please help!!

Jul 30, 2010   #2
First of all, what do you want to say in your paper about Paradise Lost? Are you focusing on a certain aspect of the poem? Your thesis should tell the reader what you are going to be talking about in the paper and your position. Hope that helps! Here are some ideas for what to focus on: symbolism, imagery, figurative language, duality, etc.
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Aug 1, 2010   #3
I swear, this is the easiest way and the most effective way:
Write about any section... anything you can get inspired about. Write about the meaning of any section.

Then, write about another section. What is the relationship between the two? Let each of the two paragraphs you write have an example or quote. End each paragraph with a sentence about the meaning.

Do the same for another section of the story. When you have a few paragraphs, you'll see a theme start to emerge. When it does, go back and write the intro.

Know what I mean? Write a few paragraphs, before writing the intro with its thesis statement.
Hi Marie,
I definitely agree with Kevin, just going through trying to pick up on the themes that seem to present themselves to you most often as being important and relevant is a great way to work out what kind of overall ideas you want to focus on.

Another way to tackle this is to brainstorm several of your ideas and see how many different sections of the text they seem to apply to, then go for the one with the most relevance to different areas as this will give you the widest thesis and the most to talk about. With Paradise Lost (I studied it in my first year) it's also really helpful to look at contemporary literature of the same period as this can give you ideas about what might have been important to Milton and what issues he may have been considering at the time of writing, which may manifest themselves as interesting and important issues within Paradise Lost itself.

If you are still stuck, in my first year when I was really overwhelmed with trying to get started on my dissertation thesis, I found this website for dissertation help a real life saver -it might just get you kickstarted and help you with some new ideas. Check out their blog, it has a whole section on Masters dissertations, including how to choose a topic and how to write your proposal.

Really hope this helps,
Aug 1, 2010   #5
Thanks for your help everyone I have came to the concept that i am going to do it on who Milton has as the hero in Paradise Lost, is it God or the devil. I have came across the most information on this area. I am now just having problems with how to start it and what exactly I need to talk about. I am afraid of using websites that are not reliable and seeing that i do not have access to a library this time I need something that I can trust. Does anyone know of trusted sites on Paradise Lost or other perspectives on it?
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Aug 2, 2010   #6
Here is a good source:

Also, it's good to google this:
paradise lost review
paradise lost analysis
paradise lost themes

You'll find a lot of articles and essays, and you can google around some more to find out abut the writers and their qualifications. When you gain access to a library database, search for this one:

paradise lost analysis

Good luck!!

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