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Is writing and publishing books only for writers?

jamesdbaxter12 1 / -  
Aug 12, 2022   #1

who can write a book?

We see books written by entrepreneurs, athletes, doctors, real estate brokers, and others. But, are all of them so good writers that their books land with the best publishers and in famous stores? We know that it's not so. People from a varied range of industries hire a book writing service to write for them. A good book writing service has writers from different backgrounds who can write best sellers. Do you know any famous personality who has paid to get a book written? Recently I had an interaction with a guy who working as a book writing expert at [spam removed] , and thinking to pursue my career in this filled need your thoughts.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,858 4558  
Aug 13, 2022   #2
So, you are thinking of entering into a career as a ghost writer? Well, that is certainly a well paying job for those who have the right clients to network with. The more popular figures that use ghost writers are celebrities, politicians, and even royalty (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle come to mind), or anybody who has a big enough name to be identifiable and whose lives or undertakings are of interest to the public. Anybody who has written a memoir, self-help book, or any other type of book that rides on the name of a personality was not written by that person. Either they collaborate or they get someone to write the whole book for them, under their direct supervision. These named people get paid by publishers to "write" their books. In turn these celebrities hire other "writers" to write on their behalf. The ghost writer just needs to be skilled enough to know how to change his tone of writing depending upon the person he is writing for. The reason the ghost writer is paid big bucks is because they are supposed to channel someone else in their writing. The tone, the wording, even the way the narration is depicted should vary from person to person that one is ghost writing for.

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