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nytenurse 1 / 1  
Jun 6, 2007   #1
Time Management Tips

Time management and balancing professional, personal, and academic responsibilities are a constant source of stress, however, many have taken this path and succeeded. Sometimes giving a 100% at work, home and school can be very difficult. Does anyone have any time management tips they care to share?
OP nytenurse 1 / 1  
Jun 6, 2007   #2
Searching and organizing databases

What are some tips you have learned to help you search databases that you could share with others? How about organizing your own databases?
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Jun 7, 2007   #3

This is a very good question! As someone who is self-employed, I can certainly relate; one must have a certain amount of discipline in order to work effectively at home. Probably the most helpful thing you can do for yourself, whether you are balancing a job with family and school, or just trying to work from home, is to set some ground rules, or a schedule. If you have kids, a big wall calendar, so that everyone knows who has what event when, can be extremely helpful, too.

More tips from members are welcome!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Jun 7, 2007   #4

I'm the first to admit that I don't know a lot about databases, per se. However, I do know that whatever sort of database one is using to find whatever sort of information, the proper search terms can be invaluable. I have found something as simple as putting a phrase in quotation marks--or taking it out!--can make all the difference as to whether my search comes up empty-handed or not.

Anyone with more knowledge about databases is welcome to chime in!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
nasph - / 3  
Dec 18, 2007   #5
Having a whiteboard too can be a good idea, as you can get lots of information down infront of you.
Tshabie - / 1  
Aug 19, 2008   #6
performing an environment analysis of the group Edcon -strategic management

i need help in performing an environment analysis of the group Edcon, focusing on their strategy.
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Aug 19, 2008   #7
Good afternoon.

Because this is a specific analysis of a specific entity, aside from your classroom resource materials, I suggest you conduct an internet keyword search to get an idea of what kind of information is out there. If the entity has its own website, that would be a good place to start; otherwise, keywords such as "Edcon" and the specific strategy you are studying could be effective. You can also contact your institution's media center for further on-campus research resouces.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
fadun - / 1  
Jun 26, 2009   #8
I need PhD research Topics (Risk Management)


I want to put in for PhD in Risk Management and i need members to help to suggest like topics i can write research proposal on. Thank you.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jun 26, 2009   #9
You're going to need not only a topic but a research question about which it will be possible for you to collect relevant data. For a PhD, you'll need either a question that no-one has yet addressed or a new approach to a question that has been researched but remains unsettled.

Before you even start brainstorming, you need to do some preliminary research. This will stand you in good stead, as your reading at this stage will form the basis of the literature review section in your proposal and the literature review chapter in your dissertation.

Read the literature review sections of several of the most recently published studies in the area of risk management. If you find a topic that intrigues you, go deeper on that by reading as many studies as you can. What ought to happen is that, as you read, research questions will begin to form in your mind. In order to facilitate that, make up a little worksheet on which you list the topic and research question for every study that you read (or read about).

Once you've got a few possible topics/questions in mind, we can help you frame and assess the viability of various research questions so that you choose one that will be feasible for you to research and write up.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jun 26, 2009   #10
And for the love of whatever deity you believe in, choose something that interests you, even if it takes you a bit longer to craft a workable research question on the topic than it would to take someone else's suggestion about a topic that you don't care about. Think about how much time you are going to have to dedicate to this project -- you are going to want to make it as enjoyable as possible for yourself.
wistfuleyes - / 1  
Jul 9, 2009   #11
International Event Management dissertation

Hello everybody,

I am a master student in International Event Management, and I have to submit my dissertation proposal soon. The trouble is that I don't have a clue about the topic!

I need a topic that has not been studied before, so that others could benefit from my work?

Do you have any idea regarding the field of event???

Thank you for your help.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jul 9, 2009   #12
1. Talk with your advisor and/or the faculty member who will serve as your dissertation committee chair. She or he will have a good idea of your capabilities and of the kind of topic that will be received favorably by your university.

2. Read, read, read. Look at the most recent issues of the scholarly journals in your field as well as any recent books in the field. Pay particular attention to the "discussion" and "conclusion" sections of journal articles, as these often include the author's assessment of the need for future research. Often, scholarly authors will specifically say that a particular topic needs to be researched or that a particular study needs to be replicated or done in a different way. Also look for recent review articles that summarize recent research in your field, again looking for hints as to what still remains to be learned.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jul 10, 2009   #13
I need a topic that has not been studied before

Then you are doomed. If, on the other hand, you need to perform original research that builds on what others have already done, you might be able to find something. Both of Simone's suggestions are excellent, as far as that goes. You likely aren't going to be able to come up with something utterly new. Focus instead on coming up with something that will expand the borders of your field in useful ways.
MarcoMonteiro - / 1  
May 1, 2012   #14
PhD program in management - Choosing a good article - Procedures

I want to start a phd programm in management next year. Now i nedd to accomplish a thesis project, but i'm in the beginning. I would like to study in the international business area - choice of entry mode in new markets by sme's.

How can i know, wich articles are the best one's?
It is feasible to make a study that would ponderate the percentage of importance of each factors that are involved in the entry mode choice? What methodology should i use?
fletcherj003 - / 6  
May 2, 2012   #15
To find a good article online you should search with more depth... If you want to find an article on a specific topic make sure you type in what exactly you are looking for.... lastly if this isn't any help go to your local library and find articles or books to research.

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