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Dissertation Question: College Drinking problems

irish09 1 / -  
Mar 4, 2013   #1
My dissertation chair says my question is too broad and I may not even find an effect by simple correlating introversion/extraversion (using Hans Eysenck's scale) with drinking and co-factors. Basically he said it was no good. I want to focus on college drinking but am at a loss at what I could study that would be more specific (or specific enough for my diss chair) and be a doable study with clear variables, etc... I'm at the point where I just want to get my dissertation done (I've realized I won't change the world and if I want to do a change the world type study, it won't be my dissertation) so any ideas or help would be great...the sad thing is I have written a proposal and worked hard on it but if I have to change it and re-work it...then so be it...maybe even looking at the treatment methods in college counseling centers with students who have drinking problems (that'd be a tough one to study but I'm just throwing out ideas)


oh...I'm in the 4th year of my Psy D program in case you were wondering what level this was for

The primary research question of the proposed study asks, "Is there a correlation between college students' level of introversion or extroversion and alcohol consumption habits and behavior?" In addition to the main research question, the study will also investigate whether factors other than the level of extraversion/introversion may have an effect on students' alcohol consumption habits. Specifically, the study will evaluate such cofactors as gender, household income/student work-study status, campus or off-campus housing, and college GPA as possible contributors to increased/decreased alcohol consumption.

...and my hypothesis:
The researcher hypothesizes that the interaction between the introversion/extraversion and the alcohol consumption habits will reveal that, although extraverts are typically heavier drinkers as the results of a number of extant studies indicate (Vollrath & Torgersen, 2002), the introverts are more at risk of developing severe drinking problems. In other words, the proposed study may not show the difference in kind between the two groups (introverts vs. extraverts) rather than in quantity.

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Mar 5, 2013   #2
good article.. much higher than my level... =D to my knowledge thats agood one... others may also help you out..

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