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Dissertation on Rice Production and enviornment: Fertilizers, Pesticides use and good practices

Dear Everyone,
Greetings and how are you ? I hope you are fine.
I am writing to seek for your favor. I am now at the last stage of my writing dissertation, I am not the native English speaker/writer, therefore, I am searching for your helps in correct my writings on the above topic: Rice production and Environmental issues, in terms of fertilizers, pesticides use and good management practices towards to water quality, soil and sediments in the Mekong Delta.

I hope to hear from you and nice weekend to all
All the best,

Sep 7, 2015   #3
Well @ngalathi, as the name of this essay implies, a dissertation needs a lot of research and believe me your topic is a very interesting one.

I have a few guidelines that will hopefully enrich your research and come up with a well written dissertation;

- identify your topic
- know the meaning
- cite examples
- what is the positive effect of rice production to the community
- is there negative effect of rice production, if so, cite them
- what are the effect of fertilizers to the crops
- is there a perfect fertilizer?
- what are the good practices in dealing with fertilizers and pesticides
- where does the community yield more profit, in planting rice or shipping them to market place?

Lastly, what are the best substitute for rice in worst case scenarios.

We wish to see your draft, post it here on EF and we will help you further.
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