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Doing my PhD in structural biology and biochemistry - Any sugesstions?

Hi all

I have 2 years experience in Biotech industry and intrested in doing my PhD in structural biology and biochemistry.

I have been thinking about lot of ideas, I just don't feel my ideas are right.

Can some one suggest some ideas on
1)Why interested in pursuing a PhD now?
2)'why would you wish to pursue a PhD degree in our group?

This my first time writing an SOP for Phd programme.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


Just some thoughts:

1) Give your own reasons of doing a PhD. Anything in particular that interested you in the field? How does doing PhD help you achieve your future goals? it should be something personal.

2) Look for things that are special in their program. If you write something and you can easily replace their research group with any other research group, you got to change the content. So the key thing is that you need to mention attributes unique to their program which interest you.

Since you did not say much about anything else, these are what I can think of.

Hope it helps.
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