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(Finance and UGC NET in HRM science) - need help for topics for Phd

mailridhima 2 / 6  
May 15, 2012   #1
I have done mba in hr and finance and also cleared UGC NET in HRM.I want some suggestion for Phd topics in such a way so dat i can inculcate both HR and Finance topics in my Phd topic.

Is it possible to do that.
I want my topic in such a way so that it is majorly related to HR and mildly related to finance.
can anyone help me in this regard.
ria_s 1 / 5  
May 15, 2012   #2
I do not have much knowledge about this field but how about - Implementing a recruiting strategy that best solves the purpose of HR along with keeping the financial constraints of the organization on the low?

Again, just a thought :)
OP mailridhima 2 / 6  
May 23, 2012   #3
if anyone can help me wid this plzz let me know..
tahirkhan_07 - / 2  
Jul 12, 2013   #4

Hi All friends, i got an admission recently in PH.D which is a great chance for me to do a doctorate, but i am unable to choose a topic, can any body guide me fro choosing topic for Ph.D.
trilam153 9 / 21 3  
Jul 12, 2013   #5
How about mass psychology in finance or patterns of numbers? I'm major in finance too but PHD not too much. Those are my first choices.
tahirkhan_07 - / 2  
Jul 13, 2013   #6
thanks trilam..but i was thinking about "corporate Governance" or related to Islamic Finance...
juny - / 2  
Sep 4, 2013   #7
Need topics for phd in finance

Hi, I have done MBA in Finance with marketing as minor subject. I want to pursue PHD in Finance but I am confused with "Rural banking" and "Personal Finance in rural areas" and cannot decide which one would be better.

Request to please help me select the right areas with various topics.

Thanks & Regards
Alihassan 1 / 1  
Sep 5, 2013   #8
Dear Junny

I advise you to consider your future goals and personal aptitude before selecting topic. You study material on both topics and then make a informed decision.
juny - / 2  
Sep 7, 2013   #9
Thanks Ali, could you please tell me more and provide some ideas because i wanted to do my research in connection to rural areas only in finance.

Thanks once again.

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