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Masters in Food / Beverage Science candidate and don't know where to start / topic

I don't have the best adviser and I'm having difficulty finding someone in my food science department to take me in to work on my thesis (apparently my adviser stepped on a few toes and burned bridges). This is my 3rd semester and I have no idea how to start a thesis or even think of an idea. I'll do anything at this point. I work in a QC/QA food micro lab and I wouldn't mind doing something there. I guess my questions are:

1. How do you pick a topic
2. How do you get the data to write?

Thank you.

Dissertation Topic (food and beverage science category) -stump with what to write

hey could someone help me please. i'm doing my bachelor degree in Hospitality and i need to do a dissertation relating to the food and beverage category. before i did something about wines but it got rejected because it seems some of the content was plagarised. anyway, i am told to do it again but i am stump for a dissertation topic ideas of that category. i cannot change the category since it was decided a long time ago. can anyone help me, i need to had it over by April.
You can start off with brainstorming ideas. Maybe you can talk about how certain foods are beneficial or harmful. Or how certain foods or beverages have guidelines before they can be sold to people.
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