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Msc well and drilling engineering student - Msc project topic help

Hello everybody;
I am an Msc well and drilling engineering student. I am going to prepare my Msc project and i want to ask is there any interesting topics in this field.

Many thanks

Hi :)

Personally, I would be most interested in the topic of technology. I want to know- what is the new or up and coming machine or apparatus that will help production. Maybe discuss a machine that has been created to be better for the environment or for safety. I really like to read Popular Science magazine, and they often have articles that describe new and exciting machines or concepts. These articles are something you might want to look at, for some ideas on presenting your topic. I don't know much about the subject, but I am sure there is a lot of information and ideas of technology that exists. Good luck with your paper! Post it here when you finish, even if you have a rough draft, anything really- we are here to help! :)
Hi there,

Well here are few topics that I could figure out. Please see if they can be of any help:

- Stability study of Wellbore.
- Application of Optimum Wet Treatment Process in Petroleum Industry.
- Controlling accidents in Oil Refinery Plant.
- Improving Hole Cleaning Efficiency in Horizontal Wells.
- Study of using Local Cement Materials in Oil & Gas Wells Cementing Operation.
- Economic Analysis in the Petroleum Industry.

Msc Quality Engineering Management student - PROJECT TOPIC

Hi im a Msc Quality Engineering Management student, i want to kindly ask everyone please suggest me a project for my final year project thank you
I am looking for a project topic I can work on relating to seismic

Am currently in my final year at the university and looking for a project topic I can work on relating to seismic urgently. Thanks
why don't u use a general topic so that you are not short of words.. the topic i would choose if i were you is seismic zones. subtopic would range from seismic waves, types of seismic waves, why the named zones are most vulnerable to earthquakes, recent earthquake attack in the world today and its impact.
I don't think anyone can really suggest you specific topics here. Only you know your interest and strengths. I suggest doing more research by yourself to figure it out.
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