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PhD research topic in social entreprenuership

manasimehrotra 1 / 1  
Mar 22, 2010   #1

I want to do Phd in social entreprenuership. My area of Interest in working for poverty alleviation and developing self sustainbility model for rural parts of India.

I have cleared written test of NMIMS and have presetation on 19th april. I am facing problems in terms of finalising a "title" and "subtitle" for the research. Also, I need assistance to write the SOP.

I have clarity in terms of ideas, however I am unable to put it in the form of reasearch.

Kindly help.

Rajiv 55 / 400  
Mar 22, 2010   #2
Manasi. I would like to discuss this topic very much. It's pretty much my motive for writing my last essay - reverse culture.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 23, 2010   #3
Well, before you propose something, you need to get everyone on the same page by reviewing some literature. I think your proposal will need to include a review of literature, right? By reading things other people have written -- such as sustainability models others have written for India's rural regions -- you will see what you agree with and what you disagree with. That way, you will know how your ideas fit in with the scholarly discourse about this subject.

Also, be reading what other scholars have suggested in their articles, you will learn how to put your ideas in the form of research.

If you read 10 research studies about this topic, you'll know how you want your study to look compared to theirs.

Also, google this:
Research design types

You will have to learn about all of them and choose one. A good one would be a case study design, because you could use case studies to show sustainability models that worked in other parts of the world.

OP manasimehrotra 1 / 1  
Apr 7, 2010   #4
Thank you Kevin.

That was a useful insight. I think picking up case studies from other parts of the world shall be a good way of progressing about research. I need to resaerch more on this.


Just read ur article -Reverse Culture. Great one.

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