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PhD on Social Networking Websites / Marketing / strategic Management - topics

Sapna Mathure 1 / 1  
Mar 2, 2012   #1
I am planning to do PhD in marketing. I am very keen on Social media marketing with special reference to Facebook. My apprehension is these websites can become obsolete anytime. How long will my research be valid in such case? Or should I do some modifications to be able to stick with this area?

I personally believe social media is here to stay. But you never know with the technology?

Kindly guide me on this.

kigali1 2 / 5  
Mar 3, 2012   #2
I think the basic premise of social media/social media marketing will remain the same. So, even if Facebook loses its luster, and a number of other networking sites come up, your research would still provide some valid information (especially since Facebook, Myspace etc. were at the forefront of social media/networking).

Cool topic, btw :)
Mauhea - / 1  
Apr 28, 2013   #4
Phd topics in marketing or strategic management / social media; Need your ideas

Hello everyone,
I am new here for some help. I am currently seeking for topics in marketing or strategic management. My master dissertation is about international mergers and acquisition base on the case study of geely purchase Volvo. And I would like to research some topics related to these key words. Globalization, strategy(for strategic management), branding, and maybe china since I am Chinese. If you have any ideasi would like to discuss here and many thx for reply.

Kind regards
omeryounus 2 / 3  
May 4, 2013   #5
How about e-marketing and agri bussiness
hani_k - / 1  
Sep 14, 2013   #6
Suggest me topics related to digital marketing

I have to prepare a research report, i am mainly interested in the digital marketing category... but I am unable to come up with a research question or problem ?

Help me out please
kawsneffect 8 / 37  
Sep 18, 2013   #7
Why don't you talk about the most talk about console game that people are raving about- Grand theft auto V, and it's effect on the market.
loly toka - / 2  
Sep 23, 2013   #8
Topics in marketing field for thesis (social media marketing, viral marketing) or new one?

please Help , I need new topics in marketing field for thesis ( E-marketing , social media marketing , viral marketing)? are they good topics or not ?
please suggest another topics
ExpIore 1 / 1  
Sep 23, 2013   #9
Those are good topics if you want to talk about the more modern aspect of marketing and i think any one of them can provide a good thesis if done correctly.

If you want to try to write a thesis about different aspects of marketing here are a few:
Marketing ethics, Cross-culture marketing, and the History of marketing itself.

Those are just a few, but if you go in depth they can provide many smaller ideas you can expand on

Hope this helps!
loly toka - / 2  
Sep 25, 2013   #10
thanks for your reply
but i need a topic for master thesis so it must be new and useful
so any another new topics?

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