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Project of multi objective algorithms - software engineering topic needed

hi, i need topic for the above subject on software engineering... i got this subject and wanna write a dissertation on the above subject but dont have any topic for now, pls your help would be appreciated.


I just asked for help with this for you, and this was the response I got;

It's actually simple. If you are interested in art therapy, you might enter a phd program about child psychology with your special interest in art therapy. THE WAY TO GET A PHD IS TO WRITE A DISSERTATION THAT MAKES REAL, UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION TO THE FIELD OF STUDY. So the first step to figuring out what is a smart topic is to see what other grad students and authorities in the field have recently written about art therapy. IT's just like getting involved in a conversation: you have to know what everyone just said if you are going to contribute to the conversation. Hence the need for a lit review.

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