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Pursuing MA-Psychology: choosing latest Ph.D topic in HRM

Jul 15, 2010   #1

I have done MBA-HR and presently pursuing MA-Psychology. I need help in selecting a Ph.D topic in HRM. Few topics of my interests are

Change Management
Performance Management
Reward Management
Conflict Management

Out of these my choice would be Change Management/Transformational Management.

Please do suggest any latest topics apart from those mentioned above.

Would appreciate any help in this regard.



Jul 15, 2010   #2
I think it is your interest that counts most. PhD is a big commitment, and if you are not interested in your topic, you'll struggle a lot.

Regarding the latest topics, I would suggest you to consult your professors. They are the experts, so they will know a lot more. Then research the topics suggested by them and select the one that interests you most.
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Jul 17, 2010   #3
Outsourcing and offshoring of labor is a big topic these days. Also, you might be interested in

No Easy Path to HRM Performance Measurement Systems: Exploring the Introduction of the U.S. Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework and the Flemish Management Code

Vandenabeele and Hondeghem, Public Personnel Management, Vol. 37, 2008

Best Hrm Practices and Employees' Psychological Outcomes: a Study of Shipping Companies in Cyprus Journal article by R. D. Pathak, Pawan S. Budhwar, Virender Singh, Panayiotis Hannas; South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 12, 2005

How Real Is the Rhetoric? a Survey of American Hr Managers' Views about HRM."
by Mamman, Christopher J. Rees; International Journal of Management, Vol. 21, 2004

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