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Research Paper on HR topics, help me select one from the list

Hi, I am pursuing MBA in HR. i need to work on a research project. There are some topics which i have thought of like "employee retention technique", "Competency Mapping", "Attrition Analysis based on Exit Interviews", "Hr accounting". I would like your guidance in helping me to select one among the given list. would like to know how should i proceed ahead in my research work..

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Hello, I can never tell you which topic to choose, but I can tell you that this type of writing is often very difficult, and the best way is to proceed by reading the articles that interest you most and that you understand the best. That is key.

Take the articles you enjoy the most, and as you read their lit reviews, search for the articles they references.

Also, search databases for articles that reference your favorite articles.
Search for articles that more recent but written by the same people who wrote your favorite articles.

You should have maybe 1 or 2 favorite articles. When you do, look at all the associated work. Go deep in your exploration, using google and also your school databases.

You need to look at ONE industry (maybe, or maybe you will have a topic relevant to more than one industry or something you want to study across industries). Probably you will have one industry as your focus and choose one topic.

After that, you will really be an expert at your niche. Now it will be time to become an expert at research designs, quant and qual. Have you been studying research design?
You are writing a research Human Resources and I think HR Accounting is the best among the list of the topic you cited on your post. I have read many articles discussing the problem of Accounting. Know that problem is? The paid time off of the HR Accounting employee.

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