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(research proposal for Master's thesis on spatial audio)-how strong is this argument?

jkoperdraat 1 / -  
Feb 16, 2012   #1

My name is Jonas. I am new to this forum and working on a research proposal for my masters' thesis.

In my research proposal on spatial audio I want to motivate the need for environment modelling (include effects like sound reflections) because this increases sound externalization. Synthesizing sound using just Head-Related Transfer Functions results in a sound perceived as flat and inside the listeners head even though they are usually able to correctly identify the direction from which the sound is coming. By adding sound reflected off of surfaces like the ground and surrounding walls, the human mind is able to better judge the distance between the listener and the sound source and perceive the sound as being outside their head (externalization).

Since I have not proof of my own that including environment modelling increases sound externalization I want to base this argument on a citation. The article I am considering to cite however, does not have that strong an argument either. They argue that "it is their observation that to achieve good externalization, scattering cues (sound reflection) must be incorporated in the simulation of the auditory space" without any further reference.

I am wondering whether to cite this article and base my argumentation for the need of environment modelling on their observation or if I should look for a stronger argument (better citation)

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

Kind regards,

bigben99 1 / 11  
Feb 18, 2012   #2
is able to better judge the distance

is able to judge in a better way from the distance between ....

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