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I need research topics from software engineering and web mining


this is gobalakrishnan i need recent research topics in web mining and software engineering.

please suggest recent topics in above mention topics.


Data mining research work (association rules)


I am working on association rules in data mining.
Please help me in getting test data for that.

Which tool should I use for that.
Which research papers should I refer for my study?

What are the professional journals that deal with this subject? I always feel guilty when people ask about data mining, because it is not a subject I know well.

I hope you can search essayforum for the term and find some threads where people have shared useful information.

But truly, if you are going to study this subject you need to be reading the articles that have been written about it. What are the professional journals associated with it? Is "data mining" also known by a different name?

Anyway, please search essayforum, and when you find people who are also interested in this maybe you can collaborate with them.

Good luck!!
[Moved from]: suggest me web mining related topic

i am jayanthan,doing research in veltech university, tamilnadu, india.i am very much struggling to find the problem in web mining .so please tell me the research problem.

problems can be:

- fast change of web data
- log files are not sufficient
- registration can be wrong
- you need integrate internal data
- certain disclosures are just not available or not possible

I hope this is what you meant by web mining and I hope i am to help you. let me know :)
Statement of Purpose for MS in Mining Engineering

I am having difficulties in writing SOP for applying in US universities as graduate (Mining engineering)

can anybody please assist me with few samples, outlines or drafts of Mining Engineering SOPs

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