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Need subjects about mobile business

Nov 26, 2011   #1
I am a 42 years old man which want to continu my study in phd.
my bachelor degree is computer software engineer and my master degree is industrial engineering.I am interested in mobile business and business intelligence.
I am looking for a new subjects in these fields.


Nov 27, 2011   #2
If you have to write an essay on why you want to get into that degree program I would write an essay in which you explain your interest in that field.
Nov 29, 2011   #3
Dear jhangir awan

Thank you for your answare. I am interested in mobile business and I have writen a proposal on this filed about 5 mounts ago but, I think it need to correction and maybe changeing the subject at all.

I copy some part of my proposal here.

Mobile Business Maturity Model
"Where do we stand in comparison to high performing organizations?" This question is commonly asked by managers and employees who tend to improve their organization. The need to assessment of organizations, or parts of them in comparison with others in the same business is met using the Mobile Business Maturity Model (MBMM).

Today, organizations use modern approaches called "Capability Maturity Models" in different fields such as human resources, project and process management, etc...
Considering the important role of mobile business concept in organizations today, there is a critical need to building a mobile business maturity model to estimate a company's performance in this field. MBMM demonstrate what characteristic a professional and ideal organization should have. Critical success factors can help us to identify successful organizations for purpose of benchmarking. Finally, being aware of critical success factors, together with characteristics of maturity models and mobile business, we are able to design and develop a practical MBMM. It can be comprised of five steps, like most other maturity models, the first step being static and unorganized, to the last step, continuous improvement.

Research Problem
In the recent years varieties of effective approaches entitled "Performance Maturity Models" have been developed which try to analyze organization's different management aspects like processes, human resources, project management and information technology, in a multileveled prospect, and produce a clarified road map. On the other hand, organizations find mobile business more and more appealing being aware of the increasing competition and appearance of new markets.

An ideal and perfect model for mobile business can help organizations estimate their capabilities and to design a road map towards well-being. It can be concluded that: The organizations should be able to discover practical solutions to improvement, decrease costs and increase benefits to sustain their position in the world of business.

This can only be achieved in an agile and constant manner when organizations have a solid background like a mobile maturity model to measure their success parameters and be fully equipped with a proper road map.

Research background:
Researches related to this field can be categorized in three sectors:
1- Researches around mobile business.
2- Researches to detect the critical success factors.
3- Researches around the maturity models.

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