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Suggestions for Ph.D topic in computer science / cloud computing

Hello friends,

I am searching for research topics in Data Warehouse and Data mining area please if anybody knows it give me some in choosing topics.

Any idea whether outlier mining is a good for research or not.

Also any idea about the topic --Denormailzation effect on the performance of RDBMS.

Well, I'll paste a few useful links below, but this is not a topic I can help with very much. It is a new topic for me. However, as with any research topic, the thing to do is look at other research projects that have been done and see what questions they raise; see what "gaps" exist in the research. Ideally, your reason for conducting research should be that you notice some questions that have not been asked or some ideas that have not been put to the test.


Nov 28, 2009   #5
I'm not sure how much these keywords would help you, but there are some suggestions:
"Using data mining and web mining to find hidden data in web".
"Using data mining to find a pattern in user clicking in a particular webpage"
"Using data mining to find a pattern in user clicking in a particular webpage" it sounds good. would you please elaborate it little bit so that i can get the exect idea what and how it can be done.

You have to go give some students your opinions about their essays!
That's how to contribute to EF. :-)

For now, I'll tell you that my strategy would be to Google this:
"data mining" pollution
"data mining" carbon emissions
"data mining" environmental

use the " " marks this way: "web mining" "structured data"

Like that. Google the term with specific examples of threats to the environment.
Does that kind of advice help you? You are looking for a research topic, right?

It's strange to look for a research topic within a particular aspect of the field. It is better if you read a lot of articles and become interested in particular problems. That way, you will be taking a purposeful approach to solving them. Seek solutions for problems that already interest you.

[Moved from]: Research topic in context aware computing and ubiquitous computing

hellow sir,
i deepika gangal
gonig to start phd program'
my area is context aware computing and ubiquitous computing ,
im searching different and unique field in thse 2topic
please help me
as soon as possible,
Hello friend. I am not knowledgeable in this area, but I think it is probably easy to find a great topic by reading literature reviews.

Do you have a research study that interests you? It is not helpful for me to suggest a lot of random topics. Just find one article that is about something that really interests you. Read articles written by someone in your field, and find one that is very interesting to you. Read the literature review, and ask yourself what the next logical step might be in the work being done.

Your job is to "catch up" with what it being done in your field and make a great contribution. In order to contribute, you have to become an expert about how to use 1 or 2 styles of research that are often used in your field.

What types of research methods are often used in your field? Have you read any research articles recently?

Topic for phd in computer science

Hello Friends,

I need you suggestion regarding the Phd reseach topic " improving software quality using fuzzy logic and neural network ".

Greetings !

First of all , read ppl's research and journals and related to your topic. If you post it here , different ppl have different ideas. Somehow it helps but you will be confused by the ideas. Im telling based on my experiance.

You must do lot of reading before you finalised your topic.


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