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How to write an abstract in a research paper or dissertation?

Apr 24, 2008   #1
plz can one help me or guide me how to write an abstract in a dissertation , what shoud be mentioned what should not plz am really in need of it as soon as possible

thnx a lot

Good afternoon Zahra.

An abstract for anything is just that; an abstract. This is a rough outline of what your paper will cover, with very few details. Your topic should be stated, and any other major important details (i.e. if you use statistical data, clinical trials, etc.). You don't want to include too much information, and keep it simple. You may try searching the internet for article abstracts, there are millions out there to give you finite examples.

Good luck!

Moderator, EssayForum.com
Sep 30, 2008   #3
Your abstract should contain the following information

1. What is the aim of the research that you sought to tackle
2. What is the method which you tried to tackle the research problem. Here you need to give a brief indication of the broad steps you followed

3. A brief description about the importance of your findings - why is your discussion a relevant and interesting one

The abstract should be somwhere between 300-400 words max

Good luck

Oct 22, 2008   #5
Abstract is actually an overview of the actual piece or work. It is advised that at the time when you are researching for your dissertation you should keep on making rough notes. And when this procedure is done you should craft a summary of the notes you made. This summary should be then evaluated as you actual assignment and this same summary that you made in the beginning can act as the abstract.

Need to know how to write an abstract for an argumentative research paper on Capital Punishment

I have been assigned to write an abstract for an argumentative research paper on Capital Punishment i.e. Death Penalty. I have never written an abstract and don't begin to know how it should be written. My original idea was to write about Racism and the Death Penalty, and give the pro and con of the argument.
Are you assigned with only the task of writing the abstract or is it a part of writing your whole research paper?
In both the cases, try your best in knowing the content of the paper and go ahead with the abstract, summarizing the whole, hinting on the main essence, highlighting the key elements of the research done or proposed to be done.

All the best.
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