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Academic Essay Topic, a common essay subject

rilwen 1 / 1  
Oct 5, 2008   #1
I have my first Academic Essay due in a couple of days - it must be 3 pages MLA style with at least 5 references cited. I am struggling (and have been for a week now) with a subject to write about. Some of the ideas I had originally are proving difficult to get information on.

Any general ideas you could give me for a common essay subject?

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Oct 6, 2008   #2
Good morning.

Without knowing the prompt or the essay requirements, it is difficult for me to give advice. Please provide more information so that I might assist you better.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
OP rilwen 1 / 1  
Oct 6, 2008   #3
That is my problem - I have been given nothing more than length and references required.. can't decide on a topic, so I can't make a thesis!! Ack!
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Oct 6, 2008   #4
Well, what do you want to write about? What are some of the things that you care the most about?

Moderator, EssayForum.com
NuclearTide - / 3  
Nov 26, 2009   #5
Stuck with common app essay on twin brother

Stuck with common app essay on twin brother

neil098 3 / 8  
Nov 26, 2009   #6
Maybe you should list some ideas about your brother so you can start writing your essay.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,324 129  
Nov 28, 2009   #7
Yes, brainstorming is a good way to start. Also, consider your purpose. You want to make an impression that shows that you are extraordinarily serious about your intended field of study... so make a connection via some sort of theme.
jasmine178 - / 3  
Mar 16, 2010   #8
Analysis essay on a short story; Need advice as to how to start.

I have to write an analysis essay on a short story. I am having a hard time knowing where to begin. Does the thesis have to cover just one topic or can I have three different ideas thrown into the introduction?
mary123 3 / 10  
Mar 16, 2010   #9
i guess your thesis sentence should have 3 different ideas from the story
and in each one of the three body paragraph u should explain one
what is your topic?
jasmine178 - / 3  
Mar 16, 2010   #10
I don't even have a topic really. The story is Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man is Hard to Find. I think there are a bunch of different things that could be the thesis. I just am having a hard time understanding the story. Thank you for your help.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,324 129  
Mar 17, 2010   #11
Does the thesis have to cover just one topic or can I have three different ideas thrown into the introduction?

you can have a thesis that involves three ideas, but they should all be related. Don't just make three different observations about the story.

Google this:
Flannery O'Connor A Good Man is Hard to Find analysis

...and you will find a lot of excellent, thoughtful material about the book. The idea is not to take their ideas as your own, but instead to look at the themes and symbols and literary devices and "get inside the author's head." You will suddenly have an idea that is completely original, and you'll know exactly how to express it in a sentence.

Read what other people have written about it, and in minutes you'll understand it deeply. Then, add a little of your own personality to the contemplation of the themes, and you will come up with an idea that feels right.

I hope you have that great experience! It makes writing easy and fun.
jasmine178 - / 3  
Mar 19, 2010   #12
Thank you so much for your help. I'll give it a try.
AzharyN1 - / 6  
Oct 21, 2011   #13
Personal Essays - ideas on the topic of my choice?

One of the usual essays for the applications are the topic of your choice, they might be as well one of the hardest ones.
I need some help on just ideas of what they might be, some kind of guideline to what might appeal to the appeal to the admissions officer?

beccalevesque - / 45  
Oct 21, 2011   #14
maybe one about, your own personal goals, acedemic goals, spiritual goals, what kind of person you strive to be... something you are passionate about. an experience that means a lot to you and has shaped you to be who you are...

good luck :)
AzharyN1 - / 6  
Oct 22, 2011   #15
thankss :D

Also, i need some good metaphors that would engage the reader to my essay, special to learning and education, or to going somewhere in life after school after graduating?
AbsoluteBliss 5 / 13  
Dec 28, 2011   #16
Blood ran down my face in streaks... - Common App Main Essay

Beginning of an essay I'm going over. Applying to Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, NYU and a few others. Let me know what you think (true story, by the way):

Blood ran down my face in streaks as I drifted in and out of consciousness. Around me, a crimson red pool formed, forever staining the glistening ice. My goggles lay shattered, thrown from my face amidst a chilling impact. And then I stood up, and I tried again.
ZhoeK 5 / 173  
Dec 28, 2011   #17

Sounds pretty intense and is very intriguing. You should definitely continue.
GraceTaylorWei 12 / 41  
Dec 28, 2011   #18
Wow. Nice attention grabber. I think AOs would be pleased to read this.

And then I stood up, and I tried again. <-- perhaps just make it "I stood up and tried again".

Take a look at my CommonApp?
ruthyj 3 / 9  
Dec 28, 2011   #19
Great attention graber, it make me want to read more!!

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