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APA Research Paper - an informative report on a local state, national or international topic.

Mike776 1 / -  
Sep 13, 2015   #1
I have had this assignment for weeks and can't think of any topic. I have to write an informative report on a local state,national, or international topic. I cannot give my opinion in the paper. I have to inform readers and not "persuade or entertain them." I have been searching google for two weeks looking for a topic and can't find one. Is there anywhere I can go to find topics with the details I have given above? What I mean is most topics that I have come across are opinion oriented. Where can I look to get away from that? I'm sorry if i'm asking this in the wrong area or wrong website in general.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Sep 13, 2015   #2
As I was reading your assignment, I noticed that it says you cannot give your opinion. Therefore, when you write your paper, it has to be facts. Here are some examples for topics:

1)There are numerous topics about health that can help you avoid discussing your opinion (i.e. cancer or other diseases, staying healthy, etc.)
2)You could discuss education. I was watching a program on television and it discussed how you can help students with innovative ideas. It listed rankings of student achievement in different subjects. Education is a good topic especially if you discuss STEM subjects. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). This is a subject that is discussed often.

3)You could discuss poverty. Poverty is an international issue. You can avoid stating your opinion because there are many different articles that are written about this subject.

4)Another issue you could discuss is economic conditions or the job market. How are people getting jobs locally, nationally, internationally? What are their experiences?

If you are looking only on the internet, you can find sources. Your local newspaper could have information. There are other newspapers that you can look at online. There are journals that have information on a variety of topics too.

You can also be selective with information from your source. For example, you could choose information that seems to be more factual. Another method is to type your topic with quotes, "Statistics about Poverty internationally" and "Facts about Poverty Internationally" When you use quotes in the search engine and are specific, you can get more facts.

You don't have to choose poverty, but you can replace poverty with any other topic such as health, education, the job market, or any other subject you choose. If this is not giving you enough information, delete the quotes and broaden your search: Poverty Internationally. Overall, you want to type in your topic and begin your search.

I hope this helps!
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Sep 16, 2015   #3
@Mike, indeed the topics and articles shown in research tools such as google are mostly opinionated and aimed at entertaining it's readers, they draw readers to the imagination that the writers create.

Your research paper on the other hand, as the paper speaks, it's based on extensive research, fact finding and gathering of pertinent information that will hopefully enlighten readers and spark a movement.

I have a few points that can hopefully guide you;

- choose a topic close to your heart and you will enjoy doing, I suggest social media, modernization or globalization with the use of technology.
- if you choose this topic, know your pros and cons
- gather your facts
- cite examples
- answer the following question
> how does technology, social media in particular, affect our daily life
> how do we deal with it
> how do we value the traditional way of communication and still be able to embrace modernization
> can we keep up with the technology domination?
- close your essay with a little bit of your opinion on how should we balance the advancement of technology and the traditional way of communication and saying "hi" as human beings.

We hope to see your essay here on EF.

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