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How is architecture really helping in building trans-national(border) anti-terrorism?

A question to all architects and other professions too:

How is architecture really helping in building trans-national(border) anti-terrorism? Does anti-terrorism architecture even exist?
Anybody got anything?any ideas or researches heard of?

I need this help for my hypothetical thesis project.

Transnational anti-terrorism architecture meaning.. modern architecture dealing with terrorism ? (If i can say so, i am just thinking out loud)

1. Yes, I know countries have rough army and castles and forts. What i m stressing is that:

a. Is it fair to even think that the castles or forts which is history, will help us protect from the emerging to-the-peak terror equipment in the future? After France attacks, govt has build smart bollards around buildings and their borders are quite open.. how can architects, if they can, help in encountering terrorism. And not just on Indian borders, in states too, and not just India, in other countries too.

b. Since intelligent architecture is dealing with population, pollution, land issues, how and what can you think when people ask how smart/ intelligent / (not sustainable arch) architecture is dealing with terrorism issues, if it is, for that case?

Any kind of help or comments would be really appreciated!!


Dec 10, 2016   #2
Chanchal, if you really want to be able to reference the development of anti-terrorism buildings, I suggest that you look into the architectural history of the Chinese castles and forts. Fortresses such as the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall of China were billed at the time as impenetrable. The height of the Great Wall and its positions made it impossible to attack due to the sheer thickness and width of the wall. the fact that nobody was located on the street level of the wall meant that attacking from the bottom would be useless. As far as attacking from the air, the watch towers made the defending flaming arrows fly even before the other side could mount a successful attack using catapults.

In order to properly develop your response, you will need to look into the history of defending structures that have been built since the time of the ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese warriors. You can't go wrong looking into those foundations. Then, reference the World War 2 megastructures that the Nazis build in order to defend Germany and its occupied territories from the Allied Forces air, land, and sea attacks. Most of their architectures still stand today as a testament to the defensive architecture of the past. Since terrorism is considered a modern form of war, then studying historical builds during wartime should be able to help you address the issues you wish to present, represent, or provide responses to in your research paper.

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