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Art and Design - Chevening essay- Career Plan

vania 7 / 12 2  
Oct 27, 2018   #1
Career Plan

Considering my passion in Art and Design, I want to contribute to my home country through creative industry. Business is a tool to achieve that goal. Indonesia is rich with cultural heritage of art and talented people in creative industry. My current goal is to create a business that supports the traditional design and modern-inspired design that still hold the philosophy of each region the garment was produced in hope that the business can bring out the potency of people and women in various village in Indonesia. Hopefully, this business will later on be contributive to develop economy condition in those villages.

The data from Central Bureau of Statistic of Indonesia in 2017 that indicated the importance of education in entrepreneurship and business management for entrepreneurs in order to develop business. The majority of entrepreneurs who run SMEs are elementary school graduates in the amount of 35%. Furthermore, the data shows that the growth rate of SMEs have decrease by 2,5% per year. It means that the numbers of SMEs are high but they are difficult in developing to larger business.

From the fact stated above, I am positive that after finishing my study in Entrepreneurship, I will have the skills to establish an impactful and sustainable business. After finishing my postgraduate in entrepreneurship, I will head back to Indonesia and I will implement the knowledge. I will spend my first year in market research and plan the financing and other aspects including business registration due to the regulations and executing the plans and expand my network in creative industry and participate in relevant Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy's programs.

Furthermore, my long-term goal would be engagements in sharing my knowledge or being a mentor to young entrepreneurs in Indonesia through education. Based on the data, many entrepreneurs in Indonesia don't have comprehensive knowledge to expand their business. Therefore, I would like to contribute to entrepreneurship education in Indonesia in the next five years by sharing my knowledge that I gain from the UK and experiences in businesses.

UK and Indonesia has maintained continuous collaboration in arts and business, which reflected with recent collaboration in second annual UK/ID Festival and both participation in supporting SME development through OECD. I wish to use occasions like this to develop collaborative work with UK in creative industry.

I know I will face many challenges in executing the plan but I am sure with the network that I gain from Chevening Community will help me to execute the plan by collaborative work knowing that every project needs a multidisciplinary team. Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia has done collaborative works in improving and supporting business in Indonesia which reflected from recent forum of Disruptive Industry Forum Indonesia (DIFI) 2018. I believe that Chevening Community is a distinguished environment for people from different country and cultures gather to discuss great ideas. I hope that after the study I can be an asset to contribute in further business cooperation between United Kingdom and Indonesia. Chevening Scholarship is a great platform that will open the door for new opportunities in business cooperation.

ayunovianti 5 / 8 3  
Oct 27, 2018   #2
Hi Vania,

I would recommend mentioning how you can contribute to the relationship between UK government and Indonesia throughout your career, in the beginning of your essay. According to recommendations I've read from this forum, this will help catch the attention of the essay reviewers.

Hope this helps. And good luck!

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