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The basic of non-verbal communication skills

zaowen94 1  
Feb 7, 2017   #1

training session article

You are a business trainer attached to LifeEquip Consultancy. You have been given the task of training a group of new employees from a large company called Solaray Communications. One of the sessions that you will be doing is entitled 'The basics of nonverbal communication skills'.

• Prepare an article for the participants that will consist of the notes on the above topic.
• Your article should be at least about 500 words long and consist of 5 main points.You must provide relevant elaborations and examples.

I have no idea how to start the essay. Can anyone help me or give some example essay?

Holt [Contributor] 1503  
Feb 7, 2017   #2
Chan, this essay is pretty much easy to write. Just run a search using the keywords "Basics of Non-Verbal Communication" and the search results will return results that correspond to the needs of your essay. Some of the notable articles that you can use in the development of your essay include:

1. Non-Verbal Commuication Modes (Andrews University)
2. Non-Verbal Communication (helpguide.org)
3. 6 fundamentals of Non-Verbal Communication (Kristian Voldrich , study financing.eu)

You can use the information from these websites to form the basic content of your essay. Once you understand what the non-verbal communication skills require in order to make these effective in communicating with others, you will find it much easier to expand the content of the essay. These are the websites that should help you develop a more than sufficient article for the exercise you were given in class. Good luck with your work!
foyuliu 9  
Feb 8, 2017   #3
st about 500 w

I am practicing essay writing as well, and I usually start with search (as Mary mentioned) to learn about the topic, and then try to compose. I am like an idiot to think widely and get more opinions. But I have faith more practice can help.
OP zaowen94 1  
Feb 9, 2017   #4
Hi Holt, thanks for your advice. I already finish my essay, if you don't mind can you help me check my essay? Thanks.

Hi foyuliu, I am followed your advice and really help in my essay. Thanks
Holt [Contributor] 1503  
Feb 9, 2017   #5
I can definitely help you check your essay. However, you should not post the essay in this thread. Always start a new thread for a new discussion such as your draft essay. Post it under the "Essays" section of the forum so that it will be reflected in the proper discussion forum and also have an applicable thread for the discussion. Please post your essay whenever you feel like it. Just remember to call my attention to your post and remind me at the start that we have already been discussing this essay in the non verbal thread. I can take it from there. I am very excited to see what your research has helped you to come up with. I am sure it will be an exciting read. Remember, use only valid academic sources. Absolutely no Wikipedia. That is the worst kind of source you can use in your research and usually results in an automatic fail with some teachers and professors.
OP zaowen94 1  
Feb 9, 2017   #6
Hi Holt, thank you very much. May I have your email address or Facebook so that I can send to you.

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