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Cannery Row Question? How do people recreate the barest of spaces to mark individuality? Why?

Do you have a quote/thesis/things I could analyze based on this question?

The novel gives us many fascinating examples of how people re-create even the barest of spaces to mark their individuality; outsiders may think of these folks as "homeless" but the book shows us many different kinds of living spaces, each matched to its "owner's" personality. Discuss examples of this. Note also how this community works out a complicated balance between private spaces and shared public or semi-public areas-discuss this too. A really interesting example of the latter (if I remember correctly) is how in the open space inside the "Palace Flophouse" was originally divided by chalk outlines or borders into separate, private "property" for each inhabitant. But soon these spaces become highly decorated and "furnished" in ways that perfectly express the foibles and virtues of "Mack and the boys," and other areas in the flophouse and right outside it evolve into shared public spaces that are very important for sustaining the "boys' " community.

I think I found following errors:

... examples of how people re-createrecreate even the barest ...

... become highly decorated and "furnished"

Also, i see several unnecessary double quotations.
Dec 17, 2016   #3
Sqscr, I think that there are a number of topics that you can discuss based on the different living spaces presented in the book. One of the things that you could analyze would be the way that college dorm mates lives. Consider, there are 2 people to every room that has a limited amount of living space for each person. Yet somehow, the students manage to create their own "living space" within the room. Showcasing their own identity and highlighting their individuality even as they share friendships and living space with a person who seems so highly different from him / her.

This kind of discussion can properly showcase the "owners personality" in what most people would either consider an open or private living space. Open because it is shared between two people and private, because each person has his own space within the area where he can do his own thing. I wonder if you can use this premise to create a full thesis for your school work?

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