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Children's literacy essay - Need Help

Nov 20, 2006   #1
i have an essay due Fri just the rough draft and i ws wondering if anyone could help me with the thesis. Its on children's literacy


I'd be happy to help. Are you needing ideas for how to write it? Or do you have one written that you would like feedback on? If it's the former, I'd need a bit more specificity about the topic, that is, what aspects of children's literacy?

If you can give me a little more information, I'll try to steer you in the right direction!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
Nov 21, 2006   #3
hi thank you for posting!! my topic that i chose for Comm. 1 was: According to research explain the role literacy plays in the development of a child.

I know they
observe by listening looking playing is an "active" way as well. Writing though they don't pick up till they are in JK/SK I'm in Early Childhood Education BTW. they also observe by watching what others do

their vocabulary
etc... I haven't written it out yet.. Its not due till Fri i have had other projects and assignments due so i am taking tomorrow off to TRY and start the essy ..

Take care and ttysoon

It sounds like you have some good ideas for a place to start. Sometimes it helps to make an outline first (doesn't have to be in perfect outline form, since it's only for you) to help you stay organized and remember the important points you want to make. If you'd like some editing help once you've got a rough draft, I'd be happy to help!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
Nov 21, 2006   #5
i have everything i need to say on paper but in school through my life English is the toughest for me i am English or should i say Canadian. I don't have everything on paper just the points I think tomorrow i'm going to brainstorm everything out and then read some literacy books i have books but i thought it would be a good resource for me to seek other ways to find help. if i come to a conclusion and write something down i'll let you know.


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