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Choosing thesis and topics for my essay (5 related topics)

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Apr 14, 2010   #1

i am an ESL student at Gateway Community College and the teacher told me to make two essay but i don't know how and i don't have a vocabulary i so not good and i want help from you guys

i want you to tell what to write about and i want 5 topics related to each other so i can write about them. please help me i don't want to fail


jen50192 4 / 37  
Apr 16, 2010   #2
Hm, this is a bit difficult since what you're trying to say is very broad and general.
Your teacher didn't give you any other instructions?
Reflect on what you want to write about and then we can work from there.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Apr 16, 2010   #3
1.) Did you say you need to write 2 essays?
I am confused. Do you need to write one essay about 5 related topics?

2.) I hope you will type some of the teacher's instructions to help us understand what you need to do. When you type them, it will be good writing practice.

3.) Think of 5 topics that you know a lot of good English words for. How about a topic related to learning a language?

4.) Write some sentences. Please write at least 5 or 10 sentences about a topic, and we will start by correcting your errors. Soon, you will have an essay! :-)
bilal ABUZENAH 15 / 81  
Apr 20, 2010   #4
Hi my friend. I think little by little you will do it.
Pick something easy, for example:

1-Write about your life here in America.
2- Compare between the life there in your back home and USA.
I think in the beginning you might use a bilingual dictionary. this will help you.
Vakax 2 / 50  
May 2, 2010   #5
Five topics that are interconnected...Interesting concept (provided i interpreted you right!)

An interesting approach would be combining all of the above suggestions and making up a comparative life study of sorts. Where you lived? Why you moved? Draw parallels between the two countries/cities. Language barriers? Cultural differences? Religious freedom?

Even though this may sound too pedestrian, what you can do to "paint it red" is give YOUR perspective of how things run around you. Discuss the positives and negatives.

Hope this helps.

Best of Luck.
kayyao 6 / 20  
May 5, 2010   #6
you can write about the values you had in your home country
how they changed in the US?
who or what influenced your values?
how did these new values affect you in your day-to-day life?
good Luck

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