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Choosing what to write about for common app?

celinebentley 1 / -  
Aug 17, 2012   #1
Okay, I am not sure what to write about for the common application essay. I am applying to ivy leagues and I need to get in! I have a few ideas of what to write about:

1) I am a triplet- (I have five siblings)
2) I am a direct descendent of the mayflower- (i.e. General George McClellan is my g-g-g-g grandfather!)
3) I had a German foreign exchange student living with me
4) I play the violin
5) I speak Chinese as my foreign language
6) I run Cross Country

I just don't know where to take these ideas and what to write about with them. What are some possible questions that could be formed with these ideas/ characteristics that I could answer in an essay? Any suggestions are accepted! Even if you might have ideas that don't have anything to do with these! Please help me! Thanks!

tracked89 1 / 11  
Aug 17, 2012   #2
I would be interesting if you wrote about what you learned from your exchange student and how they reacted to American culture. But really, this is your essay and you have to write about something you feel strongly about. You might have to write several essays and scrap them, but the end result should be very good.
Fasihzeb - / 2  
Dec 10, 2018   #3

Help me decide if this topic is good for my common app. I dont have time

Could i write my essay on how i taught math to a kid who came in our neighbourhood to beg for money.i could write about how i learned things from him.
anon123 1 / 2  
Dec 10, 2018   #4
It depends on what you learn from him. Is it something special or is it something you can learn from him but not anyone else?

To write an essay about what you've learnt from the others is quite challenging IMO since it's hard to express in detail how that lesson becomes valuable to you and how it makes you a better person.
Fasihzeb - / 2  
Dec 10, 2018   #5
He wanted to study and i learned that if you work hard you can achieve anything.we should not make excuses

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