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Should college instructor distribute their lecture notes to students?

tuxx7 2 / 3  
Nov 17, 2006   #1
Should college instructor distribute their lecture notes to students?

Hi, this is my essay topic, please help! I can't seem to start and have a really hard time coming up with a thesis. I am for it, so please help give me some reasons why. Thanks in advance!
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Nov 17, 2006   #2

Knowing that you are for distributing lecture notes to students is a good start. Think about why you are for it. To me, the most obvious advantage is that you get an insight into what the instructor thinks is important. Take three different professors and give them the same course and textbook, and they'll teach three very different classes. Each person brings his or her own perspective to a topic. Not only will professors' notes tell you what is important to them, they'll also tell you what is less important. Something which is discussed in great detail is probably going to be emphasized more on an exam than something which is glossed over.

In addition to the notes giving you an idea as to which topics and sub-topics matter more to the professor, the notes will also give you information on how that professor's mind works -- and that can only help you. I can remember once taking a legal writing course where only 2 out of 76 students did not have to re-write the final assignment. I was one of the two, probably because I decided to write it as much like the professor's own writing style as I could! (He probably never realized just why he liked that paper so much! ;-))

And of course, there's the practical aspect of making sure you haven't missed anything due to absence. A professor can't possibly cover everything in the textbook (and may add things that aren't in the text) so having the notes may give you info you wouldn't have if you missed class for some reason.

I hope this helps you get started!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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