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Combined-Type Essay for Final Test

Recently, in my class, we've learnt about three types of essay, Problem-solution, one-sided essay, and two-sided essay. However, for our final test, my teacher challenged us to write the combined-type of this essay (e.g. problem-solution + one-sided essay). I haven't found any ways to arrange the structure of this essay. Therefore, I urge your assistance in this matter.

Thank you

you can write your essay with the frame below

2-tell your point of view with the problem above
3-your solution

I think the most important thing is you have to persuade the readers to accept your opinion. It make your essay become one-sided but still keep the features of problem and solution.

Hope that is helpful for you.
HI Andy, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family , we hope that you find this website helpful as much as useful, to your writing reference. We do provide the most accurate observation and and the most comprehensive assessment to your writing exercises.

Now, going back to your concern. I believe the teacher is pretty much, asking you to write an argument. Argument that is base on facts, facts that is solving a particular issue and issues that definitely have a lot of ways to be solved.

As mentioned, an argument is the most appropriate essay to write in order to combat the challenge presented.

Moreover, take a topic that you know fairly well, lets say, social media, or something that is dear to you, this way you will have a definite idea on what to write, also, in picking your subject, make sure that you are able to understand what you need to write, the information you have to provide as well as the details that you don't have to include.

I hope to review your essay soon and the best of luck to you.

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