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How to compare and contrast myself and another member of my family?

Yeong 1 / 2  
May 30, 2011   #1
Hi, This is my first post.
I'm writing this to ask you guys about the compare and contrast essay.
I have to compare and contrast myself and another member of my family.
And as long as i know how to write it, I have to find "the purpose" of writing this essay.
But I can't think any purpose :( It could sound silly but yes, it is!.
The subjects being compared and contrasted would be my mother and me.
Before writing the introduction, I divided the points in to 3 such as physical features, mindset(in buying and cleaning) and eating habit(like and dislike, that kind of thing).

DO you think those points are good, fine? or not goo?
What can be the purpose?
Please help me!
silverystars 14 / 105  
May 30, 2011   #2
Hello Yeong,

In essence, the purpose of comparing and contrasting anything in life is to 1. help you classify and distinguish between two given items, individuals, or ideas (or groups of items, individuals, or ideas) and 2. clarify and define your thoughts and therefore allow you to grasp and/or form new concepts.

I hope this helps!
bahareh 18 / 50  
May 30, 2011   #3
I think you have three good subpoints to start, and also you need more details and examples for each of them to clarify.
If you want to write your compare and contrast's essay with point by point method, you should have five paragraph to expalin them.
OP Yeong 1 / 2  
May 30, 2011   #4
Thank you so much, all! :)
Have a nice day everyone (I don't know your time zone, though. It is day or night? haha)
klatz238 4 / 27  
May 30, 2011   #5
Hello Kim,
I might have useful idea for you to consider. If I was to campare and contrast myself with my father, it will be wise to look at certain domains: 1, THE COGNITIVE DOMAIN which includes level of reasoning, mindset, analytical and most importantly intellectual abilities as well as the usages of all these. 2, THE AFFECTIVE DOMAIN which includes attitudinal dispotions, affections and afinities, likes and dislikes, behavioural and interpersonal skills, hobbies, extroversion or introversion, etc 3, PSYCHOMOTOR DOMAIN this includes physical attributes and skills such as swimming, how hardwork am I compared with my father's? What is his body structure like? How can I compare his physical attributes and dispositions (short or tall, black or white, attractiveness, sports of choices etc) with mine?

So here is how I would structure my work. It will have five paragraphs: 1-Introduction, 2-Cognitive discriptions, 3-Affective or attitudinal comparism, 4-Physical dispositions and comparism, and lastly paragraph 5 will briefly discuss the 'basics' and conclude.

I hope this makes sense enough for your consideration kim?
=>>Hey guys! to any interested person, I know I have spelling problems which I'm already battling. Please do help correct me where necessary in every posts including this one. Thank you.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 31, 2011   #6
But I can't think any purpose :( It could sound silly but yes, it is!.

You'll find the purpose when you find the LESSON that you learn in making the comparison. Only AFTER you write some body paragraphs about similarities and differences can you identify the lesson/wisdom that is hidden in the essay. That is the purpose.

When you write a research paper, it is the same way: Write an introduction that explains the purpose AFTER you have written the body paragraphs.

Roger Bishop - / 13  
May 31, 2011   #7
Hi Yeong.
I taught in Asia for a few years. What is your gender and what is your nationality? I would be happy to offer some comments. My name is Roger Bsihop
OP Yeong 1 / 2  
Jun 5, 2011   #8
THank you all.
I was wondering if it's ok to find the lesson(purpose) after I have written the body paragraphs.
I see now! That was really helpful.
Thank a lot, again :)
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jun 7, 2011   #9
Awesome, now you have a great lesson to teach your friends: You can't write a good thesis statement until after you have written the body paragraphs.

Note: That rule is not always true. :-)

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