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Compare and Contrast--Students that pay their own tuition vs. those who do not

I have a 5 paragraph 500 word essay to do on the differences in attitude toward education between students that work to finance their own education and students who do not.

I have a couple of points working but I would like one more, I just have a major "brain fart".
Your help would be much appreciated!
Point 1: attendance
Point 2: importance of good grades
Point 3: ?

perhaps goal orientation? I'm not sure if this is a stereotype, but I've realized that many students who pay themselves through college usually know what they'll become. One reason is because they don't want to waste money paying tuition when they don't even know what they want to study. On the other hand, students whose parents finance the tuition usually take their time, enjoy college/social life, and don't specifically know their major until later years.
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