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Comparison and contrast between two people you know - essay

miss unique 1 / 2  
Jun 20, 2010   #1

how are u?

I hope every thing is Ok

1-I need help in writing paragraph of comparison of two people you know..

2- paragraph of contrast between two people you know...

I have final exam on wen ...

I need them quickly..

blz help..

ansa0031 2 / 7  
Jun 21, 2010   #3
Well do you have to write about two people you personally know? If so, think of two people in you know, your first paragraph could explain who these two people are and why you chose them.

The second paragraph would be about how there are similar: backgrounds, education, habits, personalities,etc...

Third paragraph on how different they are, in what areas are both complete opposites?

Based on the info you have given, that's what I'm guessing you have to write on. If you have more information on the essay topic you should post it here! Hope this helps and gives you a start!
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Jun 22, 2010   #4
Cool, Nina! That is a good start.

This assignment is all about showing that you understand the nature of compare and contrast. One paragraph tells what is the SAME about them. The other tells what is DIFFERENT about them.

For paragraph 1:
Amy and Tony have some common characteristics. They both like to go to the...

For paragraph 2:
Even though Amy and Tony have a lot in common, they have several differences, too! They prefer different kinds of music, and their ages are very different, too.

Add more sentences to each of these as you practice to compare and contrast.

ansa0031 2 / 7  
Jun 22, 2010   #5
oops I should have proofread my message, made some errors!
TamaraMarie - / 3  
Sep 28, 2012   #7
Comparison and Contrast essay about two people i know - narrowing down problem

Choosing two people and what to compare is more difficult than I thought it would be. I of course have many people in my life to choose from, but narrowing down on what I'm comparing is where I'm hitting a wall. Any suggestions to help me decide would be appreciated!
Xeltar 2 / 3  
Sep 28, 2012   #8
If your parents have different personalities which helped them make their success that would be a good start, if 2 very influential teachers helped combine their qualities to make you a great applicant, maybe how you resolved the differences between 2 friends? In the end the essay should reflect back on you so keep that in mind while writing.

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